Johnson looked good

Jones had better pick it up a if he does not want to get cut or sent to the practise roster he looked awfully predictable when choosing his targets last night

on the other hand Johnson looked great throwing the ball to the outside and not trying to force the pass I could see him taking Joneses spot on the depth chart

the defence looked good and the d line looked great

the O line looked a lot like last year ( suspect )

the punting team looked real good but no one really stood out when returning the punts I believe both guys the had returning fumbled the ball

at running back Elvis looked pretty solid but not great Bradly looked good but had a costly fumble near the end of the game

I totally agree. Johnson looked really sharp. I think Jones will find himself the Esks #4 behind Ray, Maas, and Johnson.

The defense played like a bunch of savage beasts - the front four and secondary look improved.

O Line? Who knows - they let everyone play, so we didn’t get to see the first unit out there much.

As far as returning kicks goes, Craver fumbled the punt in the 4th Quarter, and Elvis Joseph fumbled the kickoff in the 2nd. That #14 Tompkins looked like he might be “the man”. Him and Bradley would make good kickoff return specialists.

Elvis Joseph was overall the most consistent RB in that game. McClendon looked really good with the ball on a couple of plays there, but dropped two short passes - not acceptable.

At any rate, this will be a good season.

hey how come the eskimos never re-signhed winston october. he was a solid returner and WR

I’m guessing it probably wasn’t due to his on-field performance.

Could be for salary reasons, locker-room problems with other players, etc.

Who knows?

Your o-line is pretty solid…Didn’t I hear that Beaton resigned, and you guys have Morris and Lefsrud…Should be pretty good start. (I don’t remember the other two names without checking the roster list)

O-line will be better than last year.

They picked up Annunziata from Toronto, and they put Joe McGrath back at the guard position which was his position when he played at Miami U.

I don’t think he was ever comfortable playing tackle last season.

The other two are Glenn Carson and Joe McGrath, although wouldn’t say is set in stone. The depth chart has Sandy Annunziata behind Carson at the moment, but that may change. I think we will see Annunziata starting instead.