Johnson & Kudu Released

According to this mornings Freep.

Kerry Johnson and Matt Kudu have been released by the team.

Both were deemed expendable, with Armstead and Rial Johnson ahead of them on the depth chart.

Too bad about Kerry Johnson, he didn't get a shot behind the competition here. I would expect somebody (are you listening Hamilton) to pick him up for training camp. Same for Kudu, a NI DE to boot.

What the heck is happening with the bombers?

....he'd be great in the hammer....although i don't know why we would be happy to send potential talent to these guys....when they wouldn't make that great trade for Glenn?????? :lol: Johnson never got a good shot here...very true pigseye...but our roster is full of good receivers and with the acquisition of Brock Ralph.....i think that was a deciding factor in his release....Canadian replacing an American....i guess we'll suffer with it :lol: :lol: :lol:

If Armstead isn't in jail that is.....

... you mean like the player who used to play for the Riders... who just got released from the jug and is waiting to be deported....... be careful my friend...people in glass houses..... :wink:

Armstead could be in a world of trouble, or maybe not.

Hard to believe they would release Johnson, if Armstead wasn't going to be available, or perhaps they have another signing coming down the pike. The nice thing about Armstead is that if have to burn a DI spot, at least it's on a returner/back up receiver, in case a regular goes down.

Just a statement of fact papa. I am not one to throw stones. Just maybe because the league ban on discussing alleged criminal incidents, eg. ET, had spread to Armstead, maybe you guys hadn’t heard. Jason Armstead could very well be unable to get across the border this year. Or maybe Kelly won’t even want him to. Every team has these types of incidents. It was no big deal with Travis Smith. No big deal with Armstead. Certainly there is no moral judgement on my part.

....The inference is there Arius.....that Armstead would/could be going to jail..........I thought the guy had to go to court first....You're convicted of deliberate innuendo... :lol:

Johnson was stuck here and he wasn't going nowhere. Wouldn't surprise me of his agent got word of interest from other teams in the league and he asked for his own release. Too bad, he is a good receiver.