Johnson coming to CFL?

You got to get with the times Earl. Body Paint is where its at now :slight_smile:

Great pic Hf. :thup: This getting old and out of the loop sort of thing, sucks. :cry:

Just a number Earl... As long as its 18 or older :wink:

Uh, yes, yes he did. The day Tillman was hired. Comments had to be removed. Carry on.

Your really slow up there aren't you ? What does Tillman have to do with you claim that I think Montreal being morally superior ?

As for Tillman. My opinion of him as it was then. Is that he's a deviant and that hasn't changed but its a personal opinion.

Just like your opinion of Johnson is an NFL washed up player.

onemoredork onemoredork is online now 'Gers onemoredork's Avatar Join Date Mar 2007 Location Tigertown Posts 3,513 CFL haters will feast on this. CFL cailbre is only good enough for washed up NFLers. Seriously, MTL, this is how you improve your team ?
So after your multiple rants about Johnson on the Riders forum you came in here an injected Tillman in the conversation :thup:

After 3513 posts in the Riders forum, you really should stop asking me not to post here. :smiley:

8) I can't believe you actually made that statement, "HfxTC" :roll:
  To try and compare Tillman and his actions, to Jim Sandusky, and his actions is completely insane !!

   Any credibility you had on this site, is completely gone now, in my estimation !!

    You actually should be ashamed of your self !!   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

First I never compared Sandusky and Tillman. They were both were in positions of authority and both committed crimes of a sexual nature while Johnson had a fight with his wife. Guns are one thing. Spousal abuse another and Sex Crimes another.

I should be ahsamed ! Of what exactly ? Johnson is a player who has become notorious for a domestic dispute and hitting his wife. Tillman was a General Manager who pleaded guilty to Sexual Assaulting his babysitter and I should be ashamed ??? Johnson and Tillman yes, maybe. Me ? NO.

Your estimation is your own opinion. I respect it. Remember I'm not the one who derailed this thread...

You dont care about the seriousness of either incident or wouldnt have made jokes about Tillman's crime the day he was hired by HAM.
You're a troll .
You crave negative attention and crave a reaction.
Everyone knows what you're about
So why do you keep trolling in here ? Go away, please.