Johnson coming to CFL?

Other than having a wife-beater on the team. Tillman jokes are over now I'm guessing.

Tillman pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a little girl. Him and Sandusky are in a whole other category.

Tillman’s case was for improper touching of a teenage girl’s behind. You make it sound like rape. It was wrong even if it was a joke, but there is quite a difference from what Sandusky was convicted of.

I have a problem with what Johnson did. Head butting his ex-wife. She had a nasty cut on her forehead. I’m not so sure he will get into Canada if it shows on his record. Sports teams seem to be able to pull some strings though.

Yeah its weird how that works, Tillman sexually assaults a minor and we don't deport him and maybe Johnson does not get his work permit. We'll have to wait and see. This might be a case where is fame plays against him.

Nice try but go away , troll.

Here is a great read by Lowell Ullrich on why the Lions released Johnson from their neg list

[b]The temperature is nearly triple digits and the sunsets are usually spectacular in the Arizona desert, where Wally Buono is spending a few days this week between U.S. tryout camps for the Lions.

Do not think for a second the man is sweating, now that another CFL team has its hands on Chad Johnson after he decided to let him go off the Lions’ negotiation list.

What the 36-year-old receiver did by signing with the Montreal Alouettes after their mini-camp this week in Vero Beach, Fla., was provide another study in balancing a corporate philosophical belief and the need to win for survival.

The need is certainly no less for a team playing host to a Grey Cup this season with two new co-ordinators, and there’s not much doubt that Ochocinco would have sold B.C. tickets. But there was no way a team that brings awareness to domestic violence could have taken a chance on a player who has a rap sheet.

As they did with Khalif Mitchell, the Lions stood up on principle. They didn’t have as good a pass rush last season without Mitchell, but they won respect in the marketplace at the time.

B.C. had a chance to sign Johnson — worth remembering if he leads the Als into the Grey Cup at the end of the season. He was on the Lions’ negotiation list for about a week while they conducted their background check. Johnson made sure his three million followers knew about the situation on Twitter. He didn’t ask how he’d enter Canada.

The Lions also had another NFL receiver with big issues, Davone Bess, on their list for a few days even more recently, after the club was contacted by his agent, staying there just long enough for the Lions to investigate and conclude he’s not worth his excess baggage, either.

Bess is only 28 and would have been a huge upgrade. The Lions said no thanks anyways. Bess and Johnson, it should be noted, were once Miami teammates.

Obviously, anyone who can think back only as far as Yonus Davis will realize that no team is perfect when it comes to picking players with perfect resumés. Josh Boden didn’t find trouble because he was with the Lions, yet every time he shows up in court, the story in the paper the next day references his longest CFL stop. You don’t have to ask much more as to why teams get cautious, even though they realize a portion of the fan base will think an opportunity has been missed.

If the Lions wanted a 36-year-old receiver, they could have kept Geroy Simon. With seven veterans tossed overboard already during the current off-season, this was no winter to add anyone who is almost out of second chances.

What passing on Johnson proves is that the player who is past his prime is not always welcome, because even though there are those who act like teenagers gushing about lining up alongside an NFLer, there are teams that aren’t desperate. At least one team anyway.[/b]

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Putting Tillman in the category of Sandusky is the most unfair thing I have ever read in this forum.

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Drew Edwards ? @scratchingpost
#Alouettes WR Chad Johnson's first #CFL action would an exhibition game vs. #Ticats at #Mac. They're gonna need a bigger press box. #HamOnt

I hope you realize the implications of your statement…

You have a more athletic, more talented, more exciting receiver who will play for less money but fans will be forced to watch the slower, non-import plodder who has lost another step, simply to meet the arbitrary ratio rule.
You have cited yet another example of the counter-productive, out-dated, illogical roster rule in action. Now try to convince me that this is all in the best long-terms interests of CFL fans, the league, its teams and its sponsors and broadcast partners. Let the best available players play, regardless of passport!

Agreed. The 2 cases are galaxies apart.

seymour wrote: Let the best available players play, regardless of passport!
If it did end up going to that system, then the CFL should officially tie the knot with the NFL and become a farm league like the AHL. Let the NFL run the show at that point and incur any losses for teams.

I didn't bring up Tillman. What is more unfair is putting Johnson in the same category as Tillman.

"Bad Moon" Rison :thdn: Signed by the Nots at around the same age(36)as Johnson,was a total waste of money and roster space was cut 5 games into his 2nd season in Toronto. as you can see,he made a grand total of 15 receptions in his illustruous :P :roll: CFL career!!! :twisted: :P

Keep digging the hole deeper , troll.
You joked about Tillman like MTL was morally superior. Now after Lawrence Phillips then Ventrell Jenkins you have another wife beater on the team.
So keep your mouth shut about team ethics.

No. No he didn't. That's YOU projecting your own insecurities and petty spite onto a situation. Not once has any Als fan implied or stated that Montreal is "morally superior" to Hamilton. But you're clearly the kind of football fan who can't tolerate legitimate criticism of your team. You can't take off your homer goggles and acknowledge that a fan of a rival team might have some genuine insight on your team's situation. So you set up and knock down this "your team is no better" strawman, because doing so is way easier than engaging in civil debate in which you remain open and receptive to the opinions of other people, Cats fans or Als fans.

At least the CFL hasn't made a hero out of a player that was involved in a murder, and more than likely put him in the hall of fame (Ray Lewis) !!! Funnyhow the NFL is NOT criticized over that !!!

Rcon - maybe you might want to read a few more sports commentaries - because there have been all kinds of articles criticizing not only the Lewis situation but all kinds of other violent situations NFL players have been involved in and how too many seem to give it a pass. One of the most recent commentaries that got huge play was this one by a Dallas newscaster mocking people who were saying a gay man on an NFL team would be a problem where he lists violence related actions by players that people and the NFL seem to have given a pass to. This reporter ended up being featured or talked about on all kinds of news programs and a number of day time talk programs.

And there have been all kinds of articles talking about the violence perpetrated by NFL players being a real problem for the league. And all kinds of articles specifically related to the Ray Lewis case - some quoting people being very upset with the NFL. This just one from USA Today in which one of the relatives of the two people murdered.

"I cringe. I just cringe," Wilson says of seeing Lewis on television. He's upset at how the case was handled by Howard. He also blames the NFL and Ravens. Prior to the next Super Bowl in 2001, then-Ravens coach Brian Billick criticized the news media for continuing to ask questions about the murders.

"The problem to me is America was more interested in him playing football instead of him paying the price for what he was involved in," Wilson says. "That's how we feel. They wanted nothing to happen to him. (Team owner) Art Modell didn't want his golden boy to suffer, so he could make money for him. So they did all they could to get him out of trouble."

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And just do a google search on 'NFL Violence problems' and see how many stories come up. So to say how the NFL is not criticized over things like that is an outright false statement.

So we have gone from Ochocinco signing with the Als, to Murder investigations. :roll:
This is making the CFL look like WWE.
How about a cage match with Dork and Hfx. :lol:

I couldn't hit someone with a disability :wink:

Womens wet T-shirt contest please. :smiley: