Johnson coming to CFL?

in Yahoo! sports news today:

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Weird way to run a team just got weirder.

The guy is an absolute train wreck. He's been a great player, but he's way too circus for the CFL. He makes AB3 look normal. I liked him when he was Chad Johnson though.

He has signed with Montreal !

I think this is a PR stunt to drum up off-season interest in a post-Calvillo team. The guy is 36 and hasn't played since 2011. To me, this is a non-story.

An Argo-Cat fan

that's why there's training camp. if he doesn't have it anymore, he won't make the team.

Take away the name and NFL and everybody would be laughing at MTL signing a 37 year old rec.

Chelios was still a full time or close to full time NHL'er at 45 or 46 in a sport arguably as demanding on the legs. And playing d having to put young fast and big 22 year old forwards in their place.

You just know that Jim Popp is loving all of this attention. His name has been mentioned several times on PFT, and by CBS and NFL Network insiders.

O.J. Santiago, Ahman Green, Dominic Rhodes, now Chad Johnson. Which NFL wash-up will he sign next year?

Not really. Geroy Simon is almost the same age. If you take away the name and the NFL, no one would be talking about the signing at all. He'd be just another TC body fighting for a roster spot.

David Clowney drafted in the fifth round and spent four years with the Jets, starting his third season with us... The Dork is the dork... 8)

Simon wasnt away from professional football for two years and still a lot of people were questioning what Simon had left.

Who of S.J. Green, Duron Carter, Jamel Richardson and Brandon London is replaced by Chad.
There is also a little problem with his Domestic Violence Charge from 2 years ago which in effect destroyed his NFL career.

I agree with jordan02 that this is probably just Popp trying to get exposure for his NFL aspirations

It seems those questions are asked any time a player is in their mid-thirties.
Each player is unique and time always provides the answer.

But that has nothing to do with whether people would be "laughing" at us, as your initial post claimed. There are certainly concerns whenever a team signs a player in the twilight of his career. Those concerns are valid to express. But "laughing"? That's just your Cat fan hyperbole talking.

As for Grover's post, it's well-taken. Johnson will almost certainly not displace Richardson, Green, or Carter. If he replaces Stala, we have a ratio problem. So he's likely battling with Brandon London for the fifth receiver position...

I’m a Cats fan but I never laugh at Jim Popp. He finds good players. Was signing Troy Smith, a Heisman trophy winner who was all but out of football, a publicity signing? Yet Cats were lucky to beat the Als with Smith in the playoffs. Signing Johnson? As has been said above, he has a tough receiving corps to break into but it will make Als training camp more interesting.

Really the release of Bruce creates an opening that will be hard fought for by Staffer, Clowney and Johnson and possibly one or two others.

Then there is Jamel who's returning from double ligament grafts in his knee who will not be cleared for contact until July or August and likely will be asked to take a pay cut which he may not accept.

I see Dave competing with Bamba and Deslauriers who hasn't done shiat since 2007.

So there is room for a bunk at training camp for a guy like Johnson who according to Jourdain who is very stingy on handing out praise had nothing but good things to say about Johnson's performance at Mini-camp, really nice vertical leaps, hands and feet... but he needs to hold up through camp but again this year camp could be short to non existent too.

Reminds me of the Andre Rison experiment by the blew team...

You forgot Robert Edwards and Lawrence Phillips, certain it was an accident and not because they earned their roster spot and contributed.

Als are not predicting, or I am sure expecting, an all-star season. Popp is willing to take a shot on these guys knowing he has nothing to lose. Time will tell.

There is zero risk and if he makes the team will cost about half of what the Als were paying Bruce last year.