Johnson Admits Wrong Call

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At least it was him making the announcement not some media relations guy.....give him credit for this one, still not sure why he didn't make a statement about the call last week in the BC- WINNIPEG game (one way or the other)

And this from last year....same to teams, same team benefits- draw your own conclussions

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Johnson should be tested - for something?

Alcohol in system?

All other explanations are implausible!

I would have believed he determined in his own palooka'd mind that Harris had his forward progress stopped - and anything after that wasn't relevant! :cowboy:

PS. Orridge - don't waste resources - same tests for Rod Black! :cowboy:

There was only one guy in the Command Center?????

65 year old ex- Official Jim Harbin is the only guy in the Command Center?

Where was everyone else??
Perhaps watching the Blue Jays??

The Command Center has lost what little credibility it had!
It is too late for the TiCats, too late for the Lions and too late for the Riders from Labour Day!

The Command Center is being run by Old, Blind, washed up ex-Officials. :oops: :oops:

It was Jeff Harbin that was responsible, and he should be tested for being from Ottawa…

Basically a one or two man hot tub and drinking party room! Orridge should hang out at one of these so called Commando gotch parties, as an observer!

Put Harbin in a room with Kent Austin’s red right hand!

Proves what I've been saying for a couple of seasons; video review is killing the game because the command centre is incapable of getting the call right with slo mo and several minutes to make the call.

They need to scrap the entire video review system until they can do it right. If they would just remove it for a single season they could revamp it and test it from the booth during games next year they could bring back a effectively functioning video review system in 2018 that actually worked. What they have now is a system so flawed that officials are right more often than video review and video review just may have cost a team a position in the standings.

Bang on DC

How can you watch a play, make a bad decision, THEN admit you made a mistake ?

Should you not see clear the first time ?

Does the person in the Command CenTER, need to be tested for a concussion ?

And to think that the mighty NFL is looking at how the CFL implements the replay system. You gotta laugh.....

Jeff Harbin - tool, useless tool.

Nobody died , relax. It was a mistake, the NFL makes plenty of mistakes. Their handling of Ray Rice and Tom Brady situations were a complete joke. The NFL has used plenty of the CFL's idea's. It's a good system and gets the call right 99% of the time. They just need to get another set of eyes and not leave it to one person.

Phew, that makes me feel a lot the hell does this happen two years in a row??? Seriously...Cats played their tails off in the second half to pull ahead, f***ing embaressing, this game will likely cost the Cats a shot at hosting the East Final. No gurantee they would have obviously, but their chances would be a hell of a lot better if the CFL didn't screw them over AGAIN...

Im not one for raging, but this is so bush league, TWO YEARS IN A ROW... Ottawa bias anybody?

Proulx gained a whole lot of respect with me, although he already had mine...but apparently he told the command centre he didn't want to call it incomplete but they overruled him...makes zero sense that it's called a catch and down by contact before ball came lose, so Cats challenge the fumble, and they are like ahh no actually there was no catch at all the play so too bad so sad...gtfo

This league needs some goddamn help, desperately.

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E !!!!

COME ON CFL !!! GET YER SH!T TOGETHER !!! :thdn: :x :thdn:

For once I agree with you dc.

So what are the consequences for that official who was wrong? They have replaced (fired) on field officials in the past. Should do so now to save face.

Maybe the CFL should get someone younger to run the Command Center ?!? :roll: :oops: :thdn: F-ing JOKE !!! :x

To think this FN clown act could decide who gets to the Cup and wins it.