Johnny TiCat Slayer, Maybe, just maybe...

He has a style all his own, but he does promote thought and some decent conversation. After reading your first (or 2nd or 3rd) "Lets Fire Somebody" thread of the early season, I actually decided to research our new OCs coaching history. After doing so, I definitely came away with more hope than despair. What I discovered about Khari Jones after asking myself, "Why does this Dude keep getting hired by supposedly knowledgeable CFL HCs and or GMs ?.

Jones started his coaching career in 2009 in Hamilton as a QB coach and has been a part of staffs in Hamilton, Regina, Vancouver, and now here, every year since. Until last season in BC, every team he has been a part of had made the playoffs. Thats a good thing.

In 2010, I think his first year as an OC, Hamilton signed Kevin Glenn as their starter. KG has been in the league 18 yrs. In 2010, KG had his best season, with 33 TDs vs 17 Ints (+16), while throwing for over 5106 yards, which he surpassed only one other time in Winnipeg (5117, 26 TDs, 13 Ints). So KG, who has been around forever had his best season under our current OC. I must admit, I wasn't paying attention. Btw, KG in 18 seasons has never thrown for 30 TDs again. Coincidence ?, maybe.

Jones moved to the Riders along with Corey Chamblin in 2012 as his OC/QB coach. In his two seasons in Regina, Darian Durant threw for 52 Tds vs 24 Ints, (21-12, 31-12 (+19)). DD's best two season run, and he never threw for 30 Tds in a season again. The Riders won the Grey Cup in 2013. Coincidence ?, maybe. In fairness, George Cortez was the OC in 2013, but Jones was the QBC, learning his craft under George Cortez. Thats a good thing.

In 2014, Wally Buono, hires Jones as his OC. Lulay was around for two games before missing the rest due to injury. Buono brings Glenn as an emergency replacement. Glenn, while not having a great year, still led the Lions to the playoffs. . In 2015, Buono brought Cortez back as OC, while retaining Jones as QBC to tutor his young QBs. Lulay lasts half a season, Jennings emerges as a promising prospect. In 2016, with Jones again the OC/QBC, and Lulay still out, Jennings emerges as a legitimate starter. As a first time full time starter, Jennings throws for 5226 yards, 27 Tds vs 15 Ints. Under Khari Jones ?, who is this guy ?. In 2017, Jennings and Lulay both got beat up, BC took a step back and Wally and Jones missed the playoffs for their first time in their respective coaching careers.

Having took the time to research this Dude, I feel a whole lot better about our staff. Sherman obviously knows the game. I happen to think Jason Tucker is one of, if not the best receivers coach in the league. Fact is, if we just had Kevin Glenn right now, we would be in really good shape. Its really as simple as that, one player can change the landscape here. But I'm feeling a little bit better about our staff, and even what Kavis is trying to put together. It takes time, and really ?, I think if we can find us a serviceable QB, Jones can make it work. But "Fire Him" ?, and hire who as OC ?. George Cortez ?. thanks Johnny TiCat Slayer, because of you, I feel a little better now.

I wanted the Als to pick up Kevin Glenn as well. Miles better than what we have.

How about finding a young QB that can be developed as oppose to bringing in the "rent a qb" who is well beyond his prime.

I for one do not wish KG to be with the Als. Seen that movie.

Other teams can find them. how about the Als?!

Yeah, you're right, but isn't that what we currently have, a "rent a qb" ?. Of course we want to find the "next big thing", but I'm gonna give Sherman a year or so to get us there. Sherman knows whats wrong with this team, and I'm gonna give him time ti at least put a fix into place. What he and our OC inherited is Willy and Shiltz. You can give Willey to Dave Dickenson, Popolice, June Jones, Chris Jones, or whoever, and hes still who he is.

All I was suggesting is that for some of us here who want and expect instant results, Kevin Glenn could win with the the players we'd have around him, and the Defence we've put together. Glenn has a lot of pluses for any team he's on. Is he great ?, I don't know, but what I do know is that hes' competent, and a great second, or in our case, First option, but thats just me. Another plus to having a Kevin Glenn around is his experience, and CFL wisdom, that he willingly passes on to his younger teammates.

Why do you think Coaches and GMs in every CFL City continue to give this guy hundreds of thounsands of dollar for 18 years, if Glenn doesn't have value ?. Please, give us Kevin Glenn again!. If he came in today, he would be able to run Kharis' offence tomorrow, and we'd have a chance to win every week, just like Edmonton will if he's called upon there. Just like Calgary did when he was there for two seasons, they won 12 and 13 games respectively with Glenn starting 18 and 14 games in those seasons.

News flash, "Anthony Calvillo has left the building", Pop and Trestman are in Toronto, going 9-9 and winning Grey Cups. Thats all it takes in the East... Glenn can do that. If Durant can win one, Glenn probably could... on a good day, win one too. Btw, Glenn won 10 games starting for the Riders last year. Collaros lost how many games last year ?. Nobody talks about that either... Hmmm.

Bringing in KG would only delay the inevitable.
It would mean not giving some valuable playing time to a young QB to learn and develop.

To me, Als will not be close to making the playoffs even if they had a KG who "may" be able to get them a few wins.

I would much rather give playing time to a young QB and let them learn this season.

We'll just have to agree to disagree on Glenn. A agree with you wanting a youngster, I think Shiltz could and will be that guy, but I still like having Glenn as my backup. If the inevitable that you speak of is eminent, which I agree it is, Glenns' Ego (or lack there of) and Voice in the room would only assist in the process. I admire his professionalism, while not being a huge KG fan as a player, I can see how he's been able to keep a job up here for the last eighteen years and counting.

But Tony, we're on the same page as far as us developing a youngster. I think Khari Jones is a good QB coach for a youngster. As a player he was extremely cerebral. Gave the Als and AC some goods games. Dude won a lot of games, threw for a lot of TDs and as I recall, a lot of Ints, but not as many as some others. Danny McManus comes to mind too. He won a lot of games while throwing a lot of Ints also. Those guys just liked attacking defences, and giving their receivers a chance to make a play. They both were fun to watch.

Jtea , talk about cherry picking your stats! Johnny is out of town with spotty wifi. Also, Johnny will not write a novel on a friggin iPad mini.more to come...

But dude, you are sounding like Kavis Reed’s sock puppet. You do sound like an Alouette employee...

Focking iPad!

I also had Kevin Glen in mind lately.

just because you change the spelling doesn't make it ok

JTea : I was impressed with your research connecting Khari Jones with his previous success in other team settings. Linking him in this manner provides us with a very real indication of why Jones was selected for his role with our team. If one wants to question how an individual will work out now and, in the future, the best action to take is to examine his past. I do think that Glen would achieve better success with the team now than with the present QB players. In the longer run, developing rookies is the best way to go. I do hope those who purchase the game tickets will accept this.

Thank you NA, Johnny Ticat Slayer, does promote thought around here. I had questions about Khari Jones. Of all the CFL OCs, I probably knew less about him than the other OCs around the league. It wasn't hard, has every stat available. I watched Jones as a player, he was a baller, but he wasn't around long. I just wanted to know how he got here.

Thanks for your response JT... I don't know what stats you're referring to, but I'm open to a different opinion. I respect yours. Just because we may not agree, doesn't make me right, you have evry right to feel however you do about this team. You make some good points, you're an Als fan, I guess.

While I'm not a Kavis Reed Hater, I appreciate whats he's trying to do. Has he made some mistakes ?, absolutely, but he's made a lot of good moves as well. I stay hopeful, I analyze each move, just like you. I see both progress and reason for optimism. I don't live where you live, the view is sunny here.

Thanks for your input, the topics you start are cool. I'm enjoying being here. Stay up.