Johnny "the Jet" Rogers in the 1070s CFL

Was visiting with some coworkers this morning talking about Crouch in the CFL, and they mentioned the other nebraska heisman trophy winner to play up there.

Apparently Johnny Rogers played "4-5 years" up there. Was still in dipers at the time, so don't know anything about this.

Could any of you shed some light on his career in the CFL. A few currious huskers would love to hear about it.


ah yes, Johhny Rogers. Man, did that guy ever have moves. Enjoyed watching him when he was with the Als. Don't have any stats on him at hand but he was a good one for sure. Not sure if the NFL didn't want him or what, why he came to the CFL. Maybe his size was agains't him for the NFL?

size was against him, as he didn't fit into any of the NFL's cookie cutter molds they want players to fit into.

That and he had a less then admirable reputation off the field. There was a case where him and a team mate in college actually held up a liquer store at gun point. Due to who he was, he was let off, and it was hushed up. He had the reputation of being a hot dog that didn't play by the rules and was above rules for mere mortals.... So based on all this, the NFL wasn't willing to risk the chance. After showing his abilities up north, the Chargers signed him, and he played 1-2 years, but with no real big results.

He was a phenominal (sp?) punt and kick returner, and would be one of those very elusive backs in the open field. Great reciever! Would think that with the faster pace, and larger field, he'd have been a real threat in the CFL.

I remember Johnny Rogers well. He was an excellent player. Johnny got the nickname "ordinary superstar" his first year in the CFL from an interview he gave where he said he wasn't anything special, just an ordinary superstar. I think he was just trying to say he didn't want to be thought of a big shot but it just came out wrong. But he lived up to his billing.
I don't think he was rejected by the NFL, the Alouettes just outbid them as back in those days the NFL didn't have the big TV contracts. Montreal had a 60,000 seat stadium and could afford to pay as much as some NFL teams. They also signed players like LB Tom Cousineau, QB Vince Ferragamo, RB David Overstreet, WR Billy "White Shoes" Johnson and a WR from the Chicago Bears...I think his name was James Scott. I also remember a couple of O-Linemen Dan Yocham and Ed George who were also NFL draftees being signed away from the NFL. Junior Ah You was another great DE for the Als who would be a top LB in the NFL if he was coming out now.
They were also coached by guy by the name of Marv Levy.

Nice read DoubleBlue. Ever thought of turning over a new leaf and becoming a TiCat fan? We can always use guys like you!


Yeah I remember when Nelson Skulduggery signed all those big name NFL guys. There was so much hype and expectations. When they crapped the bed, that team never recovered and eventually folded. Johnny Rodgers came a few years before those others. He was pretty good. But Larry Highbaugh was a better returner.

QB Vince Ferragamo

yet another Nebraska connection to the CFL.

Had forgotten that they used to have wages competitive with the NFL, before wages down here went through the roof with fat TV contracts and mass merchandizing of apparel.

The Ticats are kind of my second team beacuse I respect Bob Young...but some of those fans are a little ferocious. Must be that "eat em raw" chant.

Montreal did not have a 60,000 seat stadium when Johnny Rodgers played in the CFL, they moved into Olympic Stadium after the '76 Olympics. Johnny played for Montreal in '71. At that time Montreal played in the 30000 seat Autostad (spelling)

I've had a good time sharing these "nebraska memories" with fellow husker fans here at luch break at work.... Nice that I was able to share some information with the old timers that they had forgotten about.

Back in '79,'80', 81 the NFL was Very Concerned about the wages Montreal were paying players. At the time Vince Ferragamo was playing for half a million a year, Hershal Walker was offered half a million to leave U of Georgia after his freshman season to play for Montreal and Montreal signed the number 1 NFL draft pick ( Tom Cousineuo) for an unknown amount of cash. They also sign Billy ( Whiteshoes) Johnson and David Overstreet (Oklahoma) to their team.

I stand corrected, at least I got the players names right. :slight_smile:

These names are all familiar, as I was just a boy. But I do know that the Canadian and American dollars were also on par, so that aided CFL teams when signing American talent. Things went so far with the CFL's popularity that American cities wanted to start CFL fanchises. In the nationalist era of the time, the Federal Government here actually stopped that move. How times have changed eh?