Johnny Sears

Any definitive news on his injury?

Odd that we haven't heard anything at all? Or very much about Harris, or even Ray?

Spoke too soon. Just read the Spectator artcles on Burris, Harris, and Ray. Nothing on Sears however.

Looked like a leg injury.

I thought Filer's ankle was broken, but it was just sprained. Maybe Sears will be just as lucky.

We can only hope for the best, but when they transfer a player to hospital during the game, it's not an encouraging sign.

Having had both a broken leg and (multiple) soft-tissue injuries (torn ACL & meniscus, 3rd-degree ankle sprains), I know that a bone can be surgically set and healed within 6 weeks or so, depending on the severity of the fracture. Sprains and tears of ligaments and tendons take MUCH longer to heal completely...

Sears has never played more than half a season his whole career. I don't think it's his body that is injury-prone, but rather his intense always on the edge play. He only has one level, and his volume goes to 11.

He has so much heart and drive that he just hurts himself more than most. When healthy, he's a lot of fun to watch.

The same thing can be said about C.J. Gable and, to a certain extent, Andy Fantuz. Their injuries last year were of the "fluke" variety, but they have both been injured by trying just that little bit more...

Hopefully he'll be okay after that injury. I have to admit though that a leg isn't mean't to bend the way that Sear's leg was bent when they were carrying him off the field. The bye week couldn't have come at a better time and maybe with the extra week off Sears will be good to go against the Bombers.

Sears tweeted this out the day after the game:

Johnny Sears Jr@JJrO - Jul 24
I'm Gucci ! it's just a minor set back for a
major comeback #3

This is also a good sign as this pic was posted on Sears twitter account immediately after the game , showing him in good spirits celebrating with his fellow defensive team mates after that huge come from behind win.

I did not replay the injury but can someone help?
Was it a leg injury? And did it come from the hit or the landing. Maybe it was a bad stinger when half your body goes numb??

steve milton
Kent Austin says Johnny Sears, #Ticats DB doubtful for next Wednesday in Winnipeg. #CFL

To me that sounds positive. Like he may be back sooner rather than later.

Man i can still hear that hit ............ ouch, but Sears is a Warrior who plays all out on every play :rockin:

The latest from Drew Edwards from Ti-Cat practice.......

there's no sign of Johnny Sears at practice today so it looks like Rico Murray will move to the
SAM linebacker spot with Dominique Ellis sliding into the boundary halfback spot. That means
the Ticats will have to add another designated import to the roster to play special teams and
provide injury insurance

Full story and article here : ... -practice/

I love the versatility of some of the players on this team! :smiley: Hopefully the secondary depth doesn't get tested too much more though and some of those who began the season on the IL can return in the near future.

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 4m4 minutes ago
#Ticats have added DB Johnny Sears to the 6-game injured list so I wouldn’t expect to see him for a bit.

Isn't there a limit to the number of players a team can remove from the 6 game early? The Cats already brought Zach back, so, I assume that bringing Johnny back early might put them at the limit? If it does we are likely not going to see him until after he has "done his time", lol.

Get well soon Johnny. You play with a great deal of intensity which everyone here in Hamilton appreciates. :rockin: