Johnny Quinn

I thought Johnny Quinn made two nice catches last night. The second one covered zero ground, but I think he made a nice leaping catch on a high pass that was a tad over thrown. That is a tough catch to make, especially when your arms are stretched upward like that as you leap in the air, and you know you are going to take a hard shot in the ribs. If he did not make that catch, it may have been easily picked by the Calgary D.

I was hoping he could get it together on punt returns. I was thinking at beginning of the season that it would have been nice seeing him doing punt returns (which he did in college) and Dressler handling kick returns only. But I am still hoping he developes in a good receiver for the Riders. I think he just may.

That first one was great. I don't know how he managed to get that open, but it sure was a thing of beauty. Went on to set up Dressler's TD. It's tough on some of these wideouts, not getting to see the ball a whole lot, but it was nice to see that he was able to contribute when he got his chance.