Johnny Manziel?

It appears that JM might end up in the CFL.

I could see Chris Jones and his "way" handling this situation.

What would be the community reaction to JM and all his baggage being on the roster?

NO,No,No, and omg **** no. the last thing this teams needs is another 3 ring circus with the media. Johnny football is a flake and spends more time partying then he does anything else. He always talks about "turning things around " but then shortly after goes on a bender. Hasn't the team gone through enough of these pie in sky signings only to have them fall flat? Thanks but no thanks, besides Regina is not nearly "active " enough for someone of his social tastes. Let Hamilton deal with him.

Besides Hamilton holds his rights and have first shot at signing him. That doesn't appear like they are head over heels with the idea so meh not thanks. His girlfriend though is another story. She is more then welcome to grace my place anytime she wants.

I dont see him being interested unless it was for peanuts. If he picks him up for peanuts…whatever

I don't see us being an option for him from either side.....

Let Hamilton deal with the Johnny Football circus.

Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

Go Riders Go

Well I think you might have to get prepared for him.

I don't think so

You need to quote the tweet...not the twitter page