Johnny Manziel

Reportly has looked at the CFL as an option. Frankly, I think he would fail here much like many other heisman trophy ish types (Andre Ware ring a bell?). That said his rights owned by Hamiltion whose in a cant be any worse than they are position to give him a try if there is any truth to the posting.

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Makes me question Johnny Football's devotion to the game. He has a chance to play, or at least compete fora job. He may be in love with thecelebrity and not the game. I really think guys like Cody Fajardo or Vernon Adams will be 10 times the QB Johnny Football will ever be.

It would appear that Johnny Rotten has some other job offers and options available to him besides the CFL . ;D 8)

Manziel will be traded to Saskatchewan or Toronto. It will be great. He will do well.

Formerly highly-touted QBs who crash & burn in the NFL always do, don't they. There are so many examples I can'teven think of which one to mention first.

Not saying he would be great, but given that Hamilton has his rights I would not see the harm. Obviously if Edmonton, or Calgary had his rights I would trade the rights or simply not bother. Obviously there are not many great examples of NFL flops that come up here and become stars (if any). But as a Hamilton fan do you have complete faith in Zach C? What's the worst thing that happens?, Johnny sucks and you cut him. aka Vince Young experiment.

Worst thing ... hmm, let's see. They cut or trade Zach to make room for a big payout to Johnny Moneybags, who then bombs, and another season is down the drain. Collaros regains the form we know he is capable of and proceeds to beat the Cats badly for the next 5-8 seasons. In a moment of weakness, Hamilton then brings back Kevin Glenn to back up Masoli, and we all know what happens to guys who start ahead of Glenn.

1 So dont cut Zach.
2 Dont sign Johnny for BIG BUCKS. He has no leverage if he wants big bucks then forget it.
3 Ticats season is already down the drain (pretty much haha sorry had to put it out there).
4 Kevin Glenn is done. However long he hangs on the Riders job thats fine, but after that if any GM signs him to a deal fire the GM.
Concerns met.

I hope this clown never comes here, he is more than a project.
On top of which, from the highlights only that I have seen is not much of a QB.

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