Johnny Manziel Traded to MTL

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Here is THE TRADE:

Montreal gets:
QB Johnny Manziel
OT Tony Washington
OL Landon Rice

Hamilton gets:
DE Jamaal Westerman
WR Chris Williams
2 first-round picks in 2020 and 2021

Ryan Bomben and a 1st for Manziel

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Manziel and Banks for

Bomben, 2019 2nd(they have no 1st), 2020 1st, Vernon Adams Jr., Williams

But really, I would keep him

The haul for Manziel better bring in a queen's ransom. But then again Tillman is the architect of such legendary deals as Ray for Jyles, and Charleston Hughes for Vernon Adams. Anything can happen here.

WTF Are you guys doing up there in Head Office, Give your heads a shake. This franchise year after year is being run into the ground. Any Body paying attention. ??

Take Jackson too ! :wink:

I would keep him too. Can't have too many QBs.
I really do believe if he's traded it's because Jones wants to give him a chance to play that doesn't involve benching Masoli.

Also its possible Jones believes he's not getting full potential out of Masoli because it's in his head.

Another thing to worry about is Jones is on a 2 year deal and the long term success of the franchise isn't exactly his number one priority. You'd think Tillman would have us covered there.

If we trade Manziel, and he has a great year, he will probably opt for this new “NFL Window? and be gone. If not this year, then next. In the meantime, we are in the same position we are today, with whatever assets we trade for. Montreal has a rental player for 2/3 season, or 1 2/3 seasons at best.

If he bombs, we are still in the same position as today with the new assets, as is Montreal.

Might hurt us in the short term as we have yet to play them, and do so three times, plus next year’s outcomes, but, doesn’t seem like a catastrophic or even too terrible a trade.

Pure lunacy!!!

Masoli is one play away from being hurt.

Manziel is solid at #2 and has a lot of upside.

TiCats used a lot of time, influence and cash to get him here!

If this move is made, then for the life of me, I swear, the front office deserves to be fired!

Too many bone headed deals lately with no return and this would add to the pile.


He can't opt for NFL Window, his contract not eligible so he's here for 2 years.

Moving him before he plays a snap is insane to me. Esp within the division. We were smart and had good QB management these last few years, why help out a team (IN OUR DIVISION) who was not?

Article says a few big name players. With Joe Burnett going down last night, bet they trade Courtney Stephen. Proven starter sitting on the bench right now. I think it’s a mistake to trade Johnny and Stephen. Masoli and Daly need reliable backups and both of their performances in the last game were far from stellar... Daly getting beat down the middle a few times.

So, we are considering trading the " best player to ever play in the NFL?"

Who says this helps out the Als, the guy hasn't played a down, he wasn't with the Als for training camp, knows nothing about Khari Jones offense and then we have to assume that his attitude and head stays in the game since all he's about his showing himself off, which won't be at all easy in the cesspool that is the Alouettes.

From your team's perspective with a camp and three months under his belt with his receivers at least he's a solution if Masoli gets injured.

It would be a good next test for Johnny, who appears to have passed, with flying colours, being a CFL backup and towing the line against whatever distractions The Hammer, and the nearby "Smoke," have put before him. The almost certainty of actually playing, while passing on the temptations of Crescent Street could be just what he needs to win over some of big league teams who are keeping eyes on his progress. The suggested return of "Bomben and a 1st" I think is expecting too much. I have no idea, other than Adams and draft picks, who might be of interest to the Cats.

Manziel will not have an NFL Window opportunity under his current contract. But, I'd think there might be an opportunity, if traded, that MTL could offer him a new contract, after Aug. 20th that would give him the chance in January. However, if that was in MTL's plans, they'd be looking at giving up less to the Cats, than they would knowing they'd have Johnny through the '19 season, on his current contract.

BB wants change. Maybe they trade Manziel for a package that includes a receiver that moves BB down the list. :slight_smile:

If this story is true (Dunk has not quoted anyone to back up his story) then I would take Shiltz as part of the deal. I think he has far more potential that Masoli.

Montreal must not think highly of Shiltz if they are starting Drew Willy ahead of him and are looking outside for a replacement. More potential than Masoli....WHAT??

blackandgold: I think we have seen all of Masoli's potential. Jones has been protecting him with safe plays and he still throws bad passes and interceptions at crucial times. Definately not starting QB material.

mr62cats: I agree with you 100%