Johnny Manziel to Montreal

Per Forde's Twitter

I didn't think there was much chance of him being shopped

According to Forde's latest tweet the Manziel trade involves 5 players + 2 draft picks.

The Manziel deal involves five players and two picks. Significant trade for both teams.

This is rich

seems depends on Justin dunk and Dwayne forde for info as opposed to cfl front office.

go figure

I would expect to be the first to confirm anything getting info straight from the horses mouth.

Why in the name of Thor is Hamilton worried about how Montreal fares ? This is the kind of stuff that cheapens the league. To hell with the Als. They never helped anyone when they were riding the crest. This is BS. I'm getting tired of this.

Who has got a spare QB for the Argos ? Anyone ? They need help too !

Didn't the league fire Dunk?


FattyJ is reporting 3 players going to Montreal and 2 heading to Hamilton plus picks I guess.

TSN's Farhan Lalji reports that Manziel is one of three players headed to the Alouettes, with two coming back to Hamilton. According to Forde, the deal also involves two picks.
[b]David William Naylor[/b] [b]@TSNDaveNaylor[/b]

Here is THE TRADE: Hamilton sends QB Johnny Manziel, OT Tony Washington and OL Landon Rice for DE Jamaal Westerman, WR Chris Williams and 2 first-round picks in 2020 and 2021. #CFL #donedeal


Kavis Reed got robbed by Tilman again! Awful trade for the Alouettes!

Well, well, well . . . . . Kavis finally pulled it off . . .!!!

2 first round picks for someone who has never started in the league before? Big overpayment IMO. Short term gain for continued long term pain.

If the Ti-Cats still had Adams then they would be really making out like bandits.

I actually feel bad for Manziel. Montreal is a terribly run org right now with Kavis at the top. I was hoping to see him play for Hamilton, as they are a much better football team and he wouldn't have to do it all.

There's no such thing as a bad trade for the Als - at this particular point in their sordid history.

Manziel might be a game-changer. Montreal was going nowhere with that overpaid & oft-injured mope Drew Willy. I like Shiltz, think he's a comer so part of Johnny's paycheque will be culled from Willy's dispersal. No more Boxcar Willy - Sad!!!

Getting a couple stud o-linemen to protect Manziel is also key.

Giving up the ageing speedster Cris Williams is neither here nor there. The real value for Hamilton is the 2 first round draft picks - the first one probably 1st overall - the next year maybe 1st to 3rd overall.

But 1st picking in this league is a crapshoot. Just ask Winnipeg's Gomer Kyle Walters - who got soiled in the last one with 3 picks in the first 15 (#1, #6, #15) and came away with a backup o-linemen who might be ready to start in 2 or 3 years.

Hamilton didn't have to do this deal. Montreal did. Surprised Wally Buono didn't stick his brillo pad in there and see what he could do to loosen Johnny from the Ticats.

From a league point of view I love this trade.

From a Montreal point of view this trade was absolutely necessary!

From a Hamilton point of view - they were committed to starting Masoli no matter how poorly he plays, so getting draft upgrades is key.

After week 2 when Montreal lost its home opener to Winnipeg 56-10, I made the suggestion in the Montreal Gazette, get johnny manziel the way masoli is playing , manziel won't be getting into the game any time soon. Some did not like the comment , but I saw this coming a mile away.

Sordid History?

Get lost!

Johnny Manziel is the key-nothing new- to this trade. If he becomes a top player the price to pay was not excessive.

I don't understand why Hamilton traded for Chris Williams. They don't need Int. receivers,unless Luke Tasker is seriously injured. Jamaal Westerman will help them.


I bet that he has fewer starts for the Als than Troy Smith.

Look how many people are logged on to the site.
Been awhile since this many have been on at the same time.

As for the trade, giving up two draft picks ( good chance at one being the first) and Westerman for unproven Manziel... desperation!

Good ol Reed!

For sure... One team is 1-4 the other 2-3.... LMAO

There's no value in first round picks if Hamilton can't sign them.