Johnny Manziel signs with The Spring League

Hopfully this means he doesn't end up in the CFL.

This shows he may not be up to playing in the CFL . The learning curve maybe too much for him right now and needs to go to a true development league .

Good for him and the CFL as he wasn't ready to be a prime time player in our league .

Looks like the season doesn't last that long so he might be signing with the Cats after all .

A lot less pressure on him with a Spring League sort of thing rather than a true league like the CFL. I think he needs a baby step in the Spring League before any true pro league and I’m sure he recognizes this.

Too much being read into this...


You know how many players have gone to off season camps and done things like this and also paid to do so.

I'm no fan of his but would be nothing but good for the guy.

He is on his way to Hamilton after he makes his remarkable impression

ANYBODY who gets this much press for doing absolutely nothing is only going to disappoint, IMO.

He is ?? Wow. I didn't realise that there was a football league in Bermuda . ::slight_smile:

Well good luck with that Johnny and make sure to send us all a postcard . 8)[ekm]600x423[ekm].jpg

Wow! I just booked myself on a Celebrity Cruise to Bermuda for the second week of May. Maybe I'll meet Johnny Football! 8)

Thus the "Travel" Pat, I presume. :slight_smile:

This will also show the cats if jonnie is worth looking at. But as a cat fan, I am happy with our QBs right now. We are looking good.

...nope, his nickname comes from his poor basketball skills...

Better TravelPat than DoubleDribblePat.

He'll be waiting for ya Pat ;DHe won't be hard to miss . Just look for the guy with the over swollen head . 8)

Manziel smart move go to this league where you have one last chance for the NFL. Cuz in the CFL for sure you would have been a bust. Like all the others who come here thinking they'll dominate and get back to the NFL only to end up out of football at the end

The NFL has rarely signed any of these players...Johnny Football is all in...

Johnny Manziel would benefit most by signing a 1yr deal in the CFL and spending the time between now and then getting his head around the differences of our game, and conditioning himself while taking reps. By getting ready to duck and weave and throw and run through the fast, talented, defensive marauders of the CFL he can ensure he won’t get killed in training camp when the time comes and he may even build or improve upon his game. His style of QB’ing tends to do well in the CFL.

This spring league he’s attending is like summer camp. Fun, but not gonna get him very ready for pro ball. And if by some act of God he gets plucked up by the NFL he will get completely creamed in one of their camps.

That's not on the table. Minimum for a first CFL contract is one year with a team option on a second. So if he does well enough to catch the eye of some NFL teams, the CFL team would be taking the option to keep him for the second year.