Johnny Manziel joining Sherman with the Als?

Interesting. But, it can only be speculation as of now. Sherman did recruit Manziel while HC of the Aggies. So, there is a connection.

Oh Ya, The nightlife of Montreal for Johnny Foofball.
What could possibly go wrong! :o

If Manziel is looking for trouble he will find it even if he were in St-Louis-de-Ha-Ha.

Problems such as he "allegedly" has are emotional/psychological, not environmental.

There is not a football team in the world where he could not mess up if he chooses to.

This (if it happens) would be Manziel's last chance. If he has any brain cells, he would seize it and control his urge to party.

He would have to stay away from Crescent Street, St-Denis, downtown, Le Plateau Mont-Royal, the Old Port, Quartier des Spectacles! The Als need to find him an apartment near Olympic Stadium. That is a boring part of town.

June Jones has a major boner for Manziel. I can't see the Ticats trading him. What Sherman's hire does to Hamilton is make signing Manziel more costly :slight_smile: Frankly the Als would be dodging a bullet, in the unlikely case Manziel shows any MOP type performance, he's gone in the NFL option window.

This was a very enjoyable read. I'll look next to the TiCat Forum which should be of great interest. I believe all of us are now nibbling on some degree of good cheer with this HC hiring and the speculation of the QB potential of Kapernick and Johnny football is exciting, if unrealistic. I try always to pick up something positive when I review all these critical findings so, here it is- I do believe that the owners have always provided ample funding in their management of the football team. This is the first task of ownership.To to reorder our Als, I perceive the moneys will be there to finance the team, its going to be costly, and the owners will, I trust, leave the nuts and bolts of the business to the HC and GM. These tasks should renew the faith and trust of the fan base. We are off to a good beginning.

Agreed. The Als should go after Franklin instead. They can find 400k by dumping Durant. Franklin could get the big salary, AND he would most likely be the starter.

He won't start or play (except if Ray is injured) in Toronto if Ray comes back.

The QB I would try to sign is Masoli.
Right experience
Right age
Solid Leader

Masoli would be an upgrade on Durant ... but they need to pick an OC and establish an offensive philosophy before deciding what QB to pursue.

Hamilton has to decide between Masoli, Collaros or signing Manzel (if/when CFL clears him). I expect they will try to re-sign Masoli and let Collaros walk, unless they decide to go all in on Manzel.

For the Als, Masoli would be a solid "triple"; Collaros, post-injuries is likely just a "double" while Manzel is anything from a strikeout to a home-run; last season Durant was a "hit-by-pitch" ... he made it to first base but not by anything he did.

I think Collaros best days are behind him. He’s had 3 major injuries that required surgery to joint tissue. He’s basically as damaged as Durant and more than Lulay or Tate.

Drew Willy was let go by Trestman, that’s a huge red flag.

Then there is Cody Fajardo, who’s shown well and might be a free agent. I’m not sure, he’s less experienced than Masoli but looked good when called upon.

Fajardo or/and Masoli signed as free agents would allow the Als to keep their draft pick, they’ve already given up their second rounder and their Canadian talent is pitiful. They absolutely need to strike gold at OL or DL with that #1 pick. You can’t build a winning program with worn out players like Boulay, Plesius and Giguere.

I enjoyed seeing Masoli last season. I believe free agency comes in February so there is no rush to sign him. Lets park him in the positive lane as a potential and, see who else would be available. Manziel?

Manziel's rights are owned by Hamilton. All they have to do to hold on to his rights for one year is to make him a qualifying offer. Now that would put them in a similar position as they were with Chris Williams. I suspect they will break the bank to sign him for two years plus an option because their HC wants him badly.

I can't see Masoli signing with Hamilton until that is resolved unless he has a terrible agent. As for Collaros, there is no way they pay him 250k on Feb 1 as is reported by Hamilton media to be in his contract.

In Ricky Ray's case. Popp will want to know his intentions when coming back from the Holidays as he spent huge on James Franklin and will want to start negotiations and get him signed before FA opens up and if unable to sign him, move him to another team. Likely Saskatchewan or possibly BC or Winnipeg. It won't be Montreal :slight_smile:

So it leaves very few options for the Alouettes, who are most likely to open camp again with Durant again.

CFL News? @CFL_News 14m14 minutes ago

"I spoke to the agent for @JFrankTank1 this morning. They expect he'll be a very popular
target in free agency for the #CFL. They're thinking right now four teams at least will
show hot interest." - @rodpedersen

Franklin isn`t signing with anyone before Feb. 13, why should he? Dumb trade by Popp giving up his 1st 2017 pick in Mason Woods for his rights.

Risky yes, but far from Dumb. Looks like right now Popp is trying to sign him to an incentive deal with a promise of "opprotunity". I can't see that being interesting to Franklin who's been sitting for 3 years. Once the Ricky Ray situation is sorted, that's when Franklin will make his decision to join the Argos or not.

"All they have to do to hold on to his rights for one year is to make him a qualifying offer"

This would be Manziel's first CFL contract.
The rule is, A first CFL contract must be for 2 years with the 2nd year at the clubs option.

With a qualifying offer, The TiCats would hold his rights for 2 seasons and could only go to the NFL if released from his contract.

If after 10 days, Manziel refused the qualifying offer he would not be available to any other CFL team for a period of 1 full year from the day of the refusal.

The TiCats are holding all the cards in this Manziel gig

What I mean by one year is that Manziel would be allowed to use his NFL window after one year. A 1+1 for a Quarterback in the CFL is really tough for a CFL team to put their QB1 money behind that.

Manziel is independently wealthy and at 25 would be looking at the CFL to return to the NFL. That is the issue with Manziel, is it worth making an investment? Because if he shows that he's put his problems behind him and is in game shape, some NFL team will give him a second opportunity. I think the Als would be better off to sign a free agent like Masoli or Fajardo who are about to enter their primes and are committed to the CFL, than get hosed by Tillman for a hope and a prayer in an addict/alcoholic. Montreal is the worst possible CFL destination for Manziel.

Also if he refuses, the Ticats have the option to trade his rights for something or get Zilch. That's a lose/lose scenario. So not sure about holding any cards. I have no idea what they are holding in Manziel and Idon't think they know either.

I don't want a headcase as my QB, really hope they stay away from him.

The last few pictures that surfaced of Johnny Football, he didn't look like a guy in football shape to me. I think its a bad deal for a football team. If he fails you've wasted time and money and lost good QB's off your roster and if he's even moderately successful, you lose him to the NFL.

Agree with you here Hfx.
Put the time and money into a QB who's career will be in the CFL.
It has been a revolving door at this position for the ALS since AC retired.
Stability is needed here to help get the O back on track.

Kavis will pay it.