Johnny Manziel interview with Good Morning America

Johnny Manziel on Barstool podcast: ‘I have a guaranteed contract offer’

"I have a guaranteed contract offer where I will be able to play somewhere this year. That’s a given. When that’s signed or where it is or what the case is, I don’t know the exact details of it yet. But I can sit here and say that I will be back on a football field this year. I cannot [expletive] wait to do it."

Like I said earlier Manziel needs to kneel down for the anthem somewhere. That might afford him some benefit of the doubt from media for once.

Check this out...

interesting southern perspective on the Ticats, Kent Austin and the CFL concerning Johnny...

You don't know Drew . Try replacing that hate with a little knowledge and understanding .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I agree with you Pat. Drew has done more to cover the CFL and especially the Ticats than anyone else in recent memory. The criticism is unwarranted and childish.

I don't hate anybody, and certainly not a sports journalist. It's a waste of energy, does no good, makes for a lousy day.

Sometimes I quite like Drew's stuff, sometimes he can be quite annoying. I wish his stuff was all good, but I'm glad he's there.

I don't always find Drew Edwards writings to my liking

His jobis not to be agreeable with everyone.

His job is to discuss and cause discussion regarding the Tiger cats.

I want truth, not PR scribble.

I always value whatDrew Edwardsprovides.

Yes it is interesting.

They have a couple of things wrong though I think. When they say he should come to Hamilton because Kent Austin is QB guru, they're missing the fact that Kent works in head office, not coaching. And when they predict Manziel will be back in the NFL in 2019 if he comes to the CFL now, they seem to have missed the two year first contract requirement.

A misunderstanding of this team and the league.

Kind of ruins his credibility as a sports writer.