Johnny Manziel in the CFL will...


Time for the first poll of the season! And it's all about Johnny Manziel. June Jones said he could be the best ever in the CFL. Really?

Will he be a complete bust, or a good starter, backup, etc.

Vote early and vote often! :stuck_out_tongue:

How about a 6th option......he will last longer than Josh Freeman. That would be my vote.

And might be better than that last Heisman winner, Troy Smith.

Maybe. Johnny, have you got what it takes? :wink:

He's gonna be much, much worse than Troy Smith.

That will be quite a challenge ... Smith was putrid.

You forgot one important option.

He’s gonna do nothing for the cats and then go light it up somewhere else

If he can't read CFL defences and be given the room to roam as eventually Flutie was provided, he's going to be in trouble especially if the o line and him aren't in sync. It's a different game here and not all can adjust to the quick pace and different reads, especially with that 12th (got it right this time) defender roaming around.

Mind you, I've heard he has excellent arm strength so that will be a big plus for sure.

I don't believe Manziel can get past the stigma he has in his own mind of the calibre/image of the CFL. Addicts can be very pigheaded and have tunnel vision. That, plus the fact that he may get schooled big time in our game.

I have read comments in other threads by posters calling him the next flutie, or better.

I think if he wants to, he has as good a chance to make a cfl career as anyQB, but those who compare him to flutie are likely to be disappointed

Comparing Manziel to Flutie (in the context of accomplishments yet to be) - is an insult to Doug Flutie and any other highly achieved QB.

So far - all that Manziel has demonstrated is an amazing ability to squander his amazing talent. That my friend - is the polar opposite of Doug Flutie.

That is where I am at. I think he could very well be a respectable QB. If he comes out so-so at some point, I wouldn't be too concerned either...from there it is all how he processes it. The guy is still only 25 years old...he has time to develop.

The most likely scenario isn’t even in this poll: that Johnny will be here for two years, mainly as a backup in year one, starting in year two with modest success, he then returns south.

Where's the option for " better than anyone the Als currently have on their roster"? 8) 8)

...I agree, that’s most likely what happens...

LMAO !!! Drew Willy ;D......Keep em coming Kavis . ??? ::slight_smile:


It'll be interesting to see what happens with him, that's for sure. I really hope it works out for him however he defines success for himself.

Or he might could get hurt, putting him out of action.
It's not like the guy is in 'great football shape'

Manziel will likely be the best QB in the CFL next season. No doubt. He should still be playing in the NFL but he just wasn't ready and also the Browns weren't ready for his playing style. Great coaching is key and he will get that in Hamilton.

Most people never watched Manziel when he was playing in the NCAA only on highlights. He was the best QB they have ever seen in the NCAA.

I'm hoping your wrong, but if I had to put money on an option I'd be going with yours.