Johnny Manziel highlights from his heisman award winning season in 2012

I know this is from a few years back and he likely isn't in game shape and has some baggage...
But boy he sure looks like he could be a star in the cfl with his ability avoid the rush avoid tackles make passes on the run and beat linebackers and dbs' one on one . The cfl having smaller players and a larger field could be advantageous to him

take a look and let me know your thoughts

Johnny and Tebow are very much the same as in tremendous athletes just their skills don't translate well to the pro game.

No doubt he looked very slippery with a great arm in those clips.

But who really cares...booze, drugs, domestic violence,party boy.......why would we want another PR nightmare here. Don't care how good he was in college....keep this pariah away from Hamilton!

Amazing! If only the person was as good as the athlete. He looks, in those hilights, like he could be the CFL's second Doug Flutie.

Too much jiggy jiggy and party party and not enough ? But Johnny comes from a rich family !oil money his mommy and daddy are worth around $50 million US so he can afford to play in the CFL!