Johnny Manziel - from a Cleveland perspective

Here is a great little video on Johnny's contribution to Cleveland and their perfect season from the city that lived his legacy. He is gone but not forgotten!

They aren't laughing with us....

Hey just having some fun here, don't go crazy.

ROTFLMAO !!!! Thanks for the post . I haven't laughed that hard in a long time . ;DGo Johnny Go ;D

Question?! What have the Browns done since Johnny has left ? NOTHING
0-16 since Johnny

case closed !

0-16 no Johnny needed to suck !

when did this board get so thoroughly partisan? one extreme or the other, Manziel is the saviour, or he's gonna somehow bankrupt the franchise while doing a mountain of coke and taking a dump on the flag....

Manziel was bad in Cleveland. Know who else was? Cleveland. Thats how they ended up drafting #1 in the first place. They've been pretty garbage for a while.

The fact Cleveland was still terrible with JM doesn't make him a garbage player, conversely the fact Cleveland has been garbage since doesn't make JM a superstar.

Anyone else just hope the team starts winning again?

Would like to add "without conditions"

It's like some only want the team to win on their terms.

I don't care if Big Bird is the QB of this team if it gets us back to the Grey Cup.

I am just waiting for all these JM haters to start loving the guy if he comes up here and suddenly dominates the game. So many arm chair coaches know more than they guys doing it for a living. ??? I neither like nor hate him, don't really know anything about him except that he has a past from years ago, I am sure sitting out of football for several years has brought him down to earth otherwise the CFL would not approve him to play in the league.

I've kept a bunch of posts saved for when that happens.

Most of them have random "z's" in them.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz , uh okay , wake me up when Johnny becomes the "Greatest of all time" or barring that when he starts to suddenly dominate the game . ;D I'm pretty sure that a lot of the posts you have saved probably have a few "b's" and a few "o's" in them (no names mentioned , of course . :wink: ::slight_smile: )

It'll be interesting to see if he plays a single game for Hamilton. (or in the CFL at all)

Play or start? I have no doubt he will play, hell they might even have a package designed specifically for him. But as a starter? I'll put my money on Masoli for that.

I bet he's going to Montreal.

I'm not convinced he will even play. I hope he does. I hope he plays for us. And I hope he brings us a Grey Cup.

But, lets see how he shows up for spring training first.