Johnny Manziel Concussion Issues Start

I actually feel sorry for the guy… AND the Als.

What can you say? The league is going to have these problems as long as players are gunning for each other with those helmets they wear. A shame, really. They’re wasting their best resources.

Except it was a shoulder. Manziel got excited/greedy, he should have slide feet first at the goal line and take the first and goal.

Manziel had a concussion in his last start in Cleveland in 2015, So this is his second documented Concussion

There is a serious head collision here with the players shoulder
He is out when he hits the turf,
Any time a player makes no effort to even try to recover the fumble, you know he is incoherent.

In fairness to the Coach,
he was told by the doctor and the spotter that Manziel was fine to go back in. :o

Bet he slides now after that jolt hitting a brick wall at full speed .

Too many years away and desperate to return with a bang made him careless and greedy .

Good call. Very nice hit. Flag football starts Sept 15 th. Love it when the QB is gritty!!
Players bigger, stronger, faster, better trained equal tough battles, which is what we want!!

I guess that Johnny just found out that they hit just as hard in the CFL as they do in the NFL .

You got that right bobo but I do hope he is okay. “NFL rejects” and Canadians that can’t make the NFL can still hit and hit hard, last time I checked the scorecard. Johnny knows that now.

??? :o???

Joey Alfieri@joeyalfieri
Sherman also said that he, his son and Manziel drove back from Ottawa together after the game. They stopped at McDonalds. Sherman got a crispy chicken wrap, Manziel got a big mac #TSN690 #Alouettes #AlsMTL

11:16 AM - Aug 15, 2018

Yup just as hard and to drive the point even further that was a DB that layed that smack down on Johnny . :o

Well personally we have tickets for the Edmonton game and like most in Eskimo Land, players and fans
have been licking there lips/chops for a piece of Johnny Boy. If he wasn’t in protocol, he would be after that game. We can always dream. Probably last game visit to Edmonton ever!

Did they get french fries? They should have had french fries.

Manganese is supposedly very good for brain health. Ok, didn’t do much for me I’ll admit but Johnny might find it works for him.

Johnny seems to like his burgers.

A triumphant return to the N.F.L. is the ultimate goal, of course, but Sherman said Manziel could not succeed if he had one foot in Canada and the other in the United States, angling for a quick comeback. For now, Manziel said, he is happy with the quiet life he is living in his hotel residence, playing the video game Fortnite, splurging on the occasional Five Guys hamburger and taking the subway to work at Olympic Stadium.

That's fantastic for team spirit...

Yup, not exactly what you’d call a team approach to things, that’s for sure. ::slight_smile:

I think too many Americans come up to the CFL thinking it is an “easy” league and learn the hard way. JF admitted he was humbled after his first start being picked 4 times by second rate players. I would think with the wider field the DBs get more of a run at you. That was a killer hit on JF.

I still say he starts fewer CFL games than Troy Smith.

Probably doesn’t win one either.

I forget exact details but I believe there was game in college where Manziel was going into the endzone and also fumbled after getting hit. That time he was not as lucky as the opponent recovered the ball.

Sounds like a threat to deliberately injure