The Bombers 2012 draft pick 16th overall Johnny Aprile came to the BBs camp last year where they wanted to move him to Safety from receiver. Is there anyone in the know what the BBs plans are for Aprile for 2013 under the new coaching regime as he has yet to be signed yet?

They said months ago that Aprile will be coming to TC as a receiver this season although I haven't heard anything about his signing a new contract yet.

Thanks for the update. There are a few 2012 draft picks that returned for their 5th season of University that have yet to sign.

...Giovanni should be back to the Bomber camp this year...Bombers asked his coaches if they would play him at receiver...Don't know if they complied but apparently that's the position Bombers would like to see him in this tc. :roll:

Yea he played receiver. I do not think that the Gaels would have played him at safety if they asked he is the Man for them at receiver. That move to safety was a Lapo thing I guess

lapo made a lot of boneheaded decisions it sounds like.. wanting labatte to play center and wanting aprile at safety also.

The BBs are loaded with NI receivers but only Watson has stepped up to claim a starters spot and be more then just a solid receiver but a rather good one. Aprile is a good football player and Athlete aside from the top Receiver at Queens he has also been a rather good return man. The BBs would be smart to sign him and jsut admit that they made some mistakes with some of the Canadian Receivers they drafted and give GIO a slot on the roster.

some being who? etienne? cuz poblah looked just fine.. he was essentiallly a rookie last year.. whats this some all about? etienne now equals more than one?