Johnny Football signs with the Texas D League

Looks like it is a 2 week showcase league in Texas during April.
Other NFL and CFL players have used this as a showcase of their talents.
The players are not paid.

This must be one of the "great" other options that Johnny's agent was talking about :o No game day cheque and all it'll cost him to play is $350.00 out of pocket per game . What a joke this guy has become . Good Luck to him :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this is a win for The Cats though. Pressure off to negotiate a higher deal. Have him go and show well and trade his rights to Montreal.


Reading between the lines, if the goal is to return to the NFL, then my guess is that the stumbling-block with the Cats is the length of the contract (in addition to money). I don't think he appreciates the subtle differences in the Canadian game and how long it will take to learn how to play in the CFL at a high level.

TiCats Official Statement

Perhaps, they can teach him how to play quarterback.

Something he wasn't able to do in Cleveland.

Sounds like the best option for him at this point, given his objective. Allows him to show that he's still a capable quarterback, maybe garnering some interest and maybe even some offers from NFL teams. And also gives him time to still sign with the Ticats before training camp if he doesn't get any interest. Assuming the Ticats' offer didn't have its own deadline, of course.

I honestly don't think that this guy has any intentions of ever playing in our league . If he does it will be as an absolute last resort , not because he wants to play here . Just observing and listening to him , he comes across as if the CFL is beneath him and that in his mind he is too good to play in such an inferior league ::). The fact that he would rather play in a glorified Beer League for nothing as opposed to signing here for $150,000 speaks volumes about his over self inflated ego and his over the top illusions of grandeur about how great he supposedly is . The dudes a legend in his own mind . Like I said previously , good luck to him .

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[ltr]Back in Texas where it all started. I'll be joining @TheSpringLeague in Austin to get #ComebackSZN started! Can't wait to get back on the field and show NFL scouts what I can do! #cantwaitforspring[/ltr]

7:18 AM - Feb 14, 2018

He needs to talk to Vince Young.

It makes sense if you think about it. It doesn't impact his ability to sign with Hamilton at all, the 2 games he plays are before camp starts, and it helps him get in front of NFL scouts. IMO I also don't see this as a knock to the CFL. He wants to play in the NFL, which you could say about every player in the CFL and it's much closer to a reality for him than many others. If him playing 2 games over the course of a few weeks gets him a training camp offer then that's a step in the right direction.

I'm in the favour of him playing in Hamilton but as we all know if he signs here he will (likely) be here for 2 years. This isn't a 2 game tryout over a few weeks so there's much more commitment. I would also argue money is less a factor than we think if he's paying $350 to play these 2 games... What would be a disaster would be if he gets badly hurt in these two games and it affects his ability to play in the CFL this year.

I dont think his intentions are for a CFL call up! He already had that in hia pocket and at several thousand$ more! He is all about the NFL! Nothing more. Good luck JM.

Seems like JM tried to get a half million or so from the TiCats, that failed, and now he's going the spring league route. Personally I believe the CFL game would improve his skills and timing and mobility by exercising his skillset, but whatever. He obviously thinks that the CFL experience is beneath him. He's going to have to be outstanding down there this spring in order to be plucked up by the NFL.

I couldn't get my head around why he would turn down approx. $100k US to play up here in favour of a league where he has to pay them $350 to play.

Then I realized: 1) he has real concerns that he will not be able to even make a roster up here, let alone be the starting QB. He has never been inclined to put in the mental work required to be a starting QB when he was with the Browns, he must have some real concerns with having to adapt to a different league with a different style of play & different rules.

and 2) he must realize that the level of play up here isn't as bad as he initially thought, and he would have a better chance of standing out for NFL scouts in a crappy developmental league where he may look as if he is head & shoulders above his competition.

Good riddance.

Obviously, he hasn't noted the number of players who've come from this league and went to the NFL.

Oh yeah, the great football machine to the south is going to take his adventures in the beer league, where he has to pay for the privilege, and his competition are weekend warriors, a lot more seriously.

Don't know how he's going to see any grandeur in that.

This is probably the best thing for JMs future.
But what has to happen is he puts in a proper amount of preparation, works out, stays clean all with a finish line being only a couple months away. If he cant do this for a couple months he is of no use to The Cats or any other football team.
It also gets his name back in the media and people will talk about him.

I wouldn’t mind if The NFL Bills signed him to compete for a roster spot. My second fav football team.

Why are we still posting about this guy. He’s now signed a contract and I don’t believe we ca sign him if he’s got a contract with a different league.
Good riddance.

Let’s all now stop all conversation about this particular has been.

Alternatively, those who are not interested can skip the Johnny threads.

My question is whether this counts as one of the other available "professional options" the agent was talking about, given that Johnny needs to actually pay to play in the league?

Agreed. Also, it may not be over. As someone else pointed out, that league is done in April. He could still sign with us afterward.