Johnny Football released by Als

Johnny has been released by the Al’s after being directed by the CFL to terminate his contract.

Roid rage…or was that another player?

By the looks of it he broke the contract rules that allowed him to be eligible to play in the league. The Al’s and the league tried to work with him and gave him alternatives and he wouldn’t agree to it

Can’t say I’m shocked. Poor ALS gave up a load to get him…wonder what he violated?

Just read that on the Alouette forum page! Mixed feelings - part of me is relieved that we were able to trade him before this happened, part of me feels badly for the guy. Has never shown the potential that all his supporters saw in University, and then felt he was prevented from showing it in Cleveland.

Maybe still has a shot with the AAFL, where his reputation from Texas playing days may spur some seat sales?

In all honesty the Als are better off without him.
He wasn’t going to help on the field. Might have sold a few tickets.

Bye Bye JM, one of the biggest wastes of talent in recent memory.

Bobo is probably bent over laughing somewhere! :slight_smile:

Pretty much sums it up for me as well.

Wow. leaving aside for a moment what is probably a sad human element…

I wonder what Seafidle has to say? And is that not now the best trade in recent memory?

I wonder if he purposely violated something to get his release to join the new league. Just a thought seeing how he was unwilling to work with the alternatives the CFL gave him to continue in the league. I am curious what he broke

Bobo and many others…

Still waiting on those that said we got fleeced.

There is no substitute for character. This guy never had it and never will. All the high school and college stats in the world do not change that.

I thought the same thing. Regardless, I think it’s clear that he’s just a repeat offender and all that crap he spouted about doing the right thing was just that: crap.


Manziel hasn’t been in the news recently, re: breaking any laws/getting arrested. So one has to think that the violation must have been a failed drug test, or something like a missed, mandatorymonthly counseling appointment.

If it was the drug test, and it gets out, (which it will), his football career is officially over.

If Manziel intentionally breached an agreement by skipping a check inwith a counselor, just to get kicked out of the CFL so he can sign in the AAF or XFL, he has no character whatsoever, and the CFL is better off without him.

As other posters have suggested, it has already been reported that the Als and the CFL gave Manziel alternatives to allow him to stay in Montreal after the violation, but Manziel said no. IMO, that fact strongly indicates Manziel wanted out of his CFL contract because he has a better football opportunity waiting for him in one of the two new American leagues.

I want to thank Coach Sherman, my teammates, and the CFL fans. My time there reestablished my love for the game of football and the work that goes into it. I look forward to exploring new options within the United States.

As per Twitter account
Bet he will be AAF

This really sounds like he did this on purpose what’s the over under on how long it takes to sign in the new league.

Well, that trade completely fleeced Montreal…

Something smells fishy here with the Als owing Manziel a $75,000 bonus in two days. I think it went more like this:

Kavis: Hi Randy, we owe Johnny Football some money on Friday. We have decided he is not worth it as he’s really not bringing in the crowds and we already have quarterbacks on our current roster who are just as good or better. Could you just say he violated something so we can release him? The fans in Montreal will go nuts if they found out we bailed on him after giving up so much to get him.
Ambrosie: Ya, no problem Kavis. He’s not worth the time for the CFL to keep checking up on and babysitting. I’ll just ban him from the league altogether. Maybe he will sign with the AAFL and we can wash our hands of this mess.