Johnny Aprile signed draft pic Johnny Aprile signed today along with an import receiver Pierce...I really think this kid Aprile is going to be the gem of the 2012 draft...Bombers are looking to convert him to a db because of his great athletic ability....Probably see him on special teams...Our first pic Pencer is also close to a deal :thup: Good news

"Yes, please, please, please convert Aprile to a DB because of his great athleticism. Preferably a starting DB in charge of covering Chris Williams whenever Hamilton plays the Bombers."

-George Cortez and the Ticat offense

Hey George, who’s Chris Williams, didn’t see him or any other TiCat’s in the East final last year.

signed: pigseye

..... :lol: :lol: :lol: AND you won't see the Cats in this years final either.....

signed< Aprile, future star :wink:

....Two camps....2 pics ...nice going Giovanni....I think he'll just get better :wink:

....Giovanni released today...Will go back to school and return in 2013 ...I don't know whether they'll keep him at safety or his usual receiver position in the CIS...I'm hoping they'll give him a shot on D and prepare him for his career in bluengold :thup: This guy has the goods :thup:

Wow, you pumped this kid's tires real good a couple of weeks ago, and he gets cut. The first of many occasions you'll eat crow this year, I'm sure, homerzoola.

-Ticat Nation

Someone tweeted that he will be playing defence his final year back in the CIS this season, which will obviously help when he returns to camp next season.

Book ain't closed on this kid blue tees.

lol.. man, you ticat fans never learn.. talking about papa eating crow? lol dude, have you yet to finish yours from last season? Thats a lot of crow you guys had to eat last year.. not too often if ever does 1 team sweep another team in the season series especially considering.. how many times we play last year? lol

Ticat Nation: hope you have your forks ready this year too, 1 preseason win and here you go again. Let's see what happens when the season gets under way.


.......Nowhere did i say he was going to make the club this year ...i said he had future star potential and that is still very much my take...I guess you're just jealous because the cats draft was so poor...BUT keep trying to dump junk here..Your credibilty has already taken a hit :lol: