John Williams

What does John Williams bring to the table? I thought the Cats cut him from the roster during the off -season? So could someone explain why the Cats would sign a person who has shown basically nothing during his career. What is the logic behind this move?

John Williams is a great special team's player and a solid back in the backfield. At this stage, I think the coach's figured that he is better than what we have in a Canadian RB.

8) You are absolutely right in your statements "buckwheat".
   John Williams was released just a few days before training camp for some mysterious reason.  There wasn't even an announcement regarding his release by the team.  

  I'm glad to see him back again.  He is a hard nosed tough player just like his father was when he played for the Cats during his great career here  !!!

  John Sr. was the master of the good old "clothes-line" tackle for sure  !!!! <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Special teams= field position, John is a great special teams guy and Canadian. I think adding him is a good move.

Made he can Review Transformers 2

Williams was never not going to be on the team. He's a vet, and a pure special teamer, so the coaches didn't need to see him at camp. He sat camp out so they could bring in an extra body.

Not so sure about your logic here friend :?

Why do you think John Williams wasn't at Training Camp, diesel27?

What Tabbie Tracker said came to mind with me right away, too,

except for the part that John was guaranteed to be on the team.

I think Obie did this to be able to bring in an extra body to Training Camp,

and then, when no hoped for Non Import comparable to John emerged at Camp,
the braintrust conferred and they brought him back to strengthen Special Teams.

Fire fighter Brett Anderson[?] out in B.C. sits out Training Camp every year.

With a GM nicknamed Obie and a player named John Williams who reviews movies, there is a Star Wars connection in there somewhere.

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IMHO, not one player is bigger than the team ... I can't understand the logic of players going through training camp and losing their job to someone who hasn't practiced a down this spring.

LMAO... Good post PAULLYWOOD...