John Williams II

Does anyone know what became of John Williams ... I thought he fit in pretty well last year as a back-up RB and a regular contributor to our Special Teams.

I don't remember seeing anything about him being released.

I don't remember that either, but he isn't listed on the roster. When/ how did he leave the team?

Maybe he just wanted to leave quietly without being all over the news, instead of it being plastered everywhere that we canned him.

He was released by Hamilton on June 9, 2009.
(From Wiki)

So does this mean we'll never get to see what he thought of Pineapple Express? lmao

Im still waiting for his review lol

Guess not ..

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Andre Sadeghian is gone too.

Nope Still here
33 Sadeghian, Andre RB Non-Import 5.11 219 1984-10-25 McMaster

They only keep 1 Canadian Running Back + 2 FB IMO

Well it'll either be Allard-Cameus or Sadeghian I guess then.

This means he was released during Training Camp ... I don't think he even made it to Training Camp.

I question your source.

Allard-Cameus has been Impressive in Camp... I like both Guys but I give Allard-Cameus my :thup:

Cameus was better than I first thought him to be. He reminds me of Tre Smith with his size and mobility, with a bit of work he could become a great N/I back.