John Ryan

Just wondering if John Ryan gets cut will he go back to Winnipeg or Sask. He's talked about both. Just saw him make his first punt(NFL network for anyone interested) If he can learn to give it a little more hangtime I think he's got a chance to stick

thanks but I am watching MONTREAL Vs. CALGARY. too, scouting for 07...hehe!!

Anyway punters hittin 50+ avg in a year, never last a second year in the league. Ummm cause they see $$$$$$$$$$$$$ down south

scouting for OTTAWA!!!!!! that is

Packers wont give up on their high draft pick punter Sanders. Therefore leading to Ryan getting cut despite being a better punter.

the way the packer GM was talkinga couple weeks ago, it sounded like he was really high on Jon Ryan.

Saskatchewan or Ottawa can have him, Winnipeg is fine with Westwood.

are u kidding me? with westwoods age, why wouldnt we want jon back here, and im sure that he would want to came back here too..IF and when westwood ever retires, and we have jon ryan, i think he will also be used as a placekicker, because i remember in his first year in a pre-season game against calgary he booted a few 40 yard field goals..i want him back here if he does get cut, but wish him the best of luck with his pursuit of the nfl

I have to disagree KK. As a rider fan i would love to have him, but I think winneped needs him just as much. I mean Troy Westwood is getting pretty old, altho kickers last forever it seems. Jon Ryans leg is 10X stronger than Troy westwood when i comes to punting.

If he comes back, he is a free agent, so the highest bidder would get him, and its no secret he wears green underpants.....

;;;;Jon Ryan will be somewhere in the nfl ...with the leg he has....and his age....he has quite a future down there..IF he does return....he said he would like to continue in the CFL with the Bombers....and with their resurgence ... i could see that happening... but for right now....i think the packers would be nuts to cut him... :roll:

After last game he definately has the edge. He way outpunted Sander and is getting better

you gotta remember, it isnt just the yards they put up in distance for punting, timing is the most important. thats why a lot of punters in the cfl never make it in the NFL, because in the cfl, they can take 3 seconds to get the ball off with very little pressure, where in the NFL punters HAVE to get rid of the ball within 2 seconds from snap, to kick or it'll be blocked. thats why deangleas(sp?) didnt make it in the NFL, and the reason why he's not even there yet, his timing is too slow. even on field goals, the timing has to be exact, because if hes kicking field goals against an NFL team, most likely 40-50% of them will be blocked because every kicker in the CFL has to wait, even hesitate before kicking, because in the CFL they have the time, in the NFL they dont.
thats why the best punters and kickers play in the NFL, not just because of the money, but because in fact, they ARE the better all round kickers/punters than what they are in the CFL.
i think sandro can make the NFL if he picks up his speed with the ball (at least on FG's). he's pretty much up there with the distance, and accuaracy, he just needs to pick up his timing, and i can see him making an NFL team.

edit: i forgot to mention hangtime. hangtime from CFL punters is about 3 seconds, in the NFL, if someone hits a punt for 3 seconds, it'll be returned for a TD, almost guarenteed. punters in the NFL usually get around 4.5 seconds of hangtime, which helps their players get downfield, and in position to make a play.