John Ryan best punter in the CFL

I've seen this guy hammer those kicks and he is just freakish. Over the off season, the guy got rid of the pencil neck and buffed up big time. The guy is ripped. And his leg has only gotten stronger. If he continues to hammer them all season long, the Bombers will have to find another punter next season. The NFL will surely be knocking on this guys door.

I could see the Blue Bombers having a great season and one of the big reasons will be the field position he gives the other teams, BAD field position for them. If he learns how to Bob Cameron it meaning kick it out at the 1 yard line, the Bombers will be flying high.

According to the stats in the paper, he had some good long kicks...Question for the Edmonton fans...was there a strong wind blowing? If not, then the stats are very impressive!

this guy is for real ....but I'm afraid Ryan is going to kick himself right into the NFL.....too bad ,when a gem comes along, there is always that possibility....something this league has to live with all the time. :roll:

Before you call him NFL bound, wait to see him under pressure.

When the Als inked Mark Mariscal last year, the guy made 72 yards long field goals in practice. Reporters were so amazed they said in the papers the Als should charge an entry fee to the practice to see him kick.

Then what happened when he got into games? Yup. He kicked it everywhere but between the uprights, and his punts were sooo misdirected that they rarely gave the team great field positionning.

So yeah, he had a cannon for a leg, but couldn't hold up to the pressure.

Let's see that Ryan dude in a real game. Exhibition doesn't come with the stress load.

I would say that NOEL the CFL'S best kicker and he has the stats as well.

Ryan will have a great year this season and probably will be relied on heavy by the bombers if their offence doesnt get going.

I remember in last seasons huddle that his uncle was on here but cant recall his name. Are you still with us............

What’s a drop punt?

I think a dropped punt is when you fake a punt in your own zone while you lead by the thightest margin, and your receiver drops the ball... I think there was such a drop punt in last year western division semi-final... And I think a reigning coach of the year got dropped himself because of that dropped punt. Dropped punts mean everything drops, including coaches and playoffs' hopes.

... dropped punts are dangerous...

Ryan, from REGINA is awsome.
:mrgreen: I'm green with envy. Really!
Rider fan!