John Murphy suspended

Just when it was going good.

somehow it is Hamilton fans fault, blah, blah, blah.

Why is he suspended?

Throwing punches and spitting racist comments.

well I guess he's out for an interview in EE

Of course it had to happen but in a way I am disappointed Murphy did not get any support from the Argo side related to the rivalry with Hamilton and becoming involved during the heat of the action. Years ago he would have been a hero and a villain. Now he is out of work.

Not easy to be a human. Wishing John Murphy a peaceful Christmas season.

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Maybe Toronto knows there will be no season already and won't bother to fill Murphy's spot.

Just surprised they would let Chris Jones go under the circumstances they are in.

The names change but the circus continues

Jones served his purpose in Toronto. No way would he stick around as a co- ordinator if he could get a gig in Edm as coach/GM with full control.