John Murphy Dismissed by Argos

From Frank Zicarelli:

John Murphy is out as Argos VP of player personnel, the Sun has learned.

The Argos, according to sources, will make it official Monday.

There was no comment by the club Saturday as the CFL prepares to play its big game in the Hammer.

Looks like the Argos are in need of a new GM or somebody else to handle all player and coaching personnel decisions.


That's too bad

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Speaking of something that's "too bad"... Chris Jones just happens to be in the right place at the right time. Let the nightmare begin. :grimacing:


I'm sure SOME of these Ticat fans that went to hang around the Argos entrance were way out of line but you can never, ever attack paying customers EVER.

And John has never been the "cuddliest" guy in the CFL. Good luck in the XFL.


I can see the statement from the League now on Tuesday.

The Toronto team under the direction of John Murphy blatently exceeded both the player and the operations cap for the 2021 season.
The League feels this termination is adequate punishment for this violation and no further penalty will be applied.

I'm so glad Murphy is gone. Not a honest operator.... He learned from the best (Hufnagel) and could have been one of the greats. Instead he decided to take the easy road to success.....

No matter what business you are in these days, it is more important than ever to be mindful of others and impressions. Murphy actually learned from Jim Popp who brought him in the league. before he went to Winnipeg and Calgary.

Odd that most of the unsavory characters in this league. Murphy, Elizondo, Jones, Maciocia were brought in the league by Popp. He's left quite the legacy behind.

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Fair point.. whats that tell you?

I could have also pointed to Kavis Reed who learned from Tillman and Popp (poor guy never stood a chance).

Well, for one it tells me that for a long time "dishonest operators" flourished and got rich by circumventing or poking holes in the "fragile running" of the CFL.

It tells me that owners have become wise to this and are now more confident in running their businesses instead of paying the bribe money and then turning the other way in exchange for a quick fix.

Jones return tells me there is still work to do...

Why do say that? Thought you we're concerned with MLSE's lack of action a few days ago?

I think he meant it as Sarcastic comedy

And yet the Stampeders do things by the book, if they can't afford a player, that player either plays here for less or moves on and we develop his replacement.

I was being sarcastic.

Picture Jerry Seinfeld saying "that's a shame"

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I agree, they appear to be a well run organization "right now". But we don't know, their books are private and they have the ability to cover costs through other ventures.
So we don't know and it could change anytime with a new owner. If John had retired and Murphy taken over. You think it would still be run "clean" ? :wink:

Murphy will have at least 1 "friend" who will protect him and bring him aboard an XFL franchise. No more CFL for "Mouthy" Murphy to be sure. Won't miss him - one of the most repulsive cretins in CFL lore.
Will miss Tony Darchy (TSN producer who died at only 51) and Big Chris Schultz (the big giant who died suddenly this year at only 61).
Won't miss Rod Black, who was dismissed earlier this year by TSN/Bell.
Black's shady performance as a pbp guy finally caught up with him. TSN product far better with Black off the program!