John Murphy applies for Saskatchewan GM job

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Sounds like he feels like, when the new GM is hired, he may be on the outside looking in in Bomberland, and therefore he wants to "keep his options open."

Hmmm, would you really want this guy pushed out the door, Bomber fans?

Losing Murphy would be a major, major blow to the Bombers IMO. Losing him to the Riders... I don't even want to think about it.

We should just promote him, hire cortez if he's interested and maybe cortez will bring over Dave Dick as OC. I see that as our best option as a fan... which means im probably wrong. :lol:

...Losing Murphy would hurt....losing him to the green guys....ugh.....Other than the pac-man episode i thought Murph did a credible job...Guess we'll see if the 'new broom' will keep sweeping... :roll: :roll: