John Jenkins.

Does anybody know where he has landed?

Nowhere. He's getting paid $150,000 by the Glibbermans for the year.

ladies and gents, that is called sucking on Lonnie’s tit right there!

So, he may be coming back I guess.

I really hope that the potential new managemwent fires his *** real fast! what a clown!

My guess is that he will be the Ticats head coach next season.

God NO!!!

That Ottawa offence would have failed this year IMO. KJ is NOT a strictly passing qb like Jenkins planned on having.

Jenkins Run N' Shoot offence would've been a disaster.

Maybe, if he was stuck up like Paopao and insisted on pushing Joseph. But that offense would have had a decent chance of succeding with Brad Banks. He’s a real QB.

John Jenkins in general is a disaster!
Get a coach, not a sideshow to attract fans