John Hufnagel to the Riders????

I noticed some twitter activity about this...pretty much laughed it off
now it is on sports cage being discussed
HUGE HUGE speculation at this point...but rumors are that Guff may essentially not like the superstructure that the Stamps are within now and want out

Here is from Pederson

4 - IN A HUFF: Sportsnet's Arash Madani cranked the rumour mill on Wednesday saying the #1 gossip in the CFL these days is regarding John Hufnagel leaving Calgary to become head coach and GM in Saskatchewan. I caution this is just rumour, but I'm not prepared to discount it at this stage either. I've heard rumblings about this going back to last December. Arash is going to drop a bigger bomb about this on CKRM's SportsCage TODAY and he asked me to hold off on saying anything more until he's had a chance to go on air with his findings.

Let's put it this way -- this rumour has more to do with Hufnagel perhaps wanting out of Calgary than it does with the Roughriders trying to woo him away. The best thing I can say about it right now is ... John Hufnagel's built the Calgary Stampeders into the CFL's model franchise - two Grey Cup wins in seven seasons - and for anyone to else to try and steal the credit or question Hufnagel's methods, well then that person's an idiot. Huff doesn't need to put up with somebody else's fragile ego at this stage of his life and career.

Stay tuned. This will go on well into the off-season.

A lot of this - we're told - is coming out of the Argos' office

Yeah I saw a blip on the radar about this on twitter last night too and dismissed it as news bolstering. The issue that doesn't make sense is why would he spend so much of his career building to the point of moving up and then poof throw it all away. Is it possible he has had a run in with someone higher up and it is to the point that they would clash so much that one of them would have to be gone and Huff feels it won't be the other guy?

Here is another thing, would he fit in to a community based team? It may seem trivial but I'm sure there are a few different twists compared to a private owner ran one. Huff is a good coach and seems to have a good source for finding talent which would certainly be an asset. I'm just not sure how reliable the source is especially if its based out of Toronto. If it was Calgary then it would at least have a bit more credibility. Still it is no doubt raising a few eyebrows.

IF true…
New ownership has only been in place for a couple of seasons now, and football is far from first on their minds.
He is not moving up…simply giving up the HC role in Calgary
Perhaps part of it is not being ready to give up coaching and not wanting to go back on his promise to DD.
Perhaps someone trying to steel the credit for his success
Sask, not offense to any other team, is “the show” by CFL terms. It is bigger nowhere

Would he fit in Regina…as good as anywhere and I think would love the spotlight
The source is Madani…that that for what you will…he is likely feeling the heat for not being the one to scoop the CC/TT firings, the move in Winipeg at ST, Signing Odonnell, the Esks/Bomber trade, etc…he has been on the outside looking in and is desperate to be on the radar right now…ie his neg list release the other day

When you hear stuff like this you have to connect the dots.

  1. Huff is on record saying there is a plan for Dickenson to take over…that is either 2016 or 2017. That is why Dickenson has stuck around…he knows he will HC a very solid Stamps team soon and his family is pretty trenched in Cowtown.

  2. Maybe Huff has thought…and decided even though I thought I am done as a HC…maybe I am not.

3, All good things come to end. Stamps have the succession plan in place. Maybe a few of the private owners want it executed a little quicker. They have Dickenson as HC and they might want to promote Murphy to GM…or risk losing Murpphy in the next 1-2 offseasons because he wants to GM a team on his own.

I can see this. Will it happen…who knows?

yeah...I agree. He "would" be leaving with 2 people in place to take both his GM and his HC roles over...well immersed int the club. He could walk away very proud and leaving them in good shape.

As far as Dickenson goes...Huf could pull the pin and stay...Dave D is going nowhere and would at worst simply not work for a while and stay put. That is not John's style though...he made a 2016 promise...publicly...that DD would be HC in 2016...and I fully believe he would keep that word...even if it meant leaving...he is built on that 'my word is my oath' mentality...he is a standup guy

totally agreed though...huge speculation.

It is funny is not secret that he and BT were not fans of each other business wise...perhaps part of that is him looking at the mecca that is the Roughriders. I do believe that a big part of that rift is the Stamps playoff track record against the Riders as well though. A big part of me does wonder if he is simply pulling media strings for a giggle though...or heck...maybe to slow down the Rider GM search...maybe they even went to him to get the nod to talk to a guy like Murphy and he is simply trying to delay that out of spite...hoping he lands somewhere like the Bombers...who knows. Another big part of me says that he has built his succession ship and would rather leave and allow people to progress internally than to see it all ripped apart

Doesn't look like Huff's going anywhere for now.

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True or false, this is what he is going to say. None the less....would not be shocked if there was no merit to the rumor at was what I assumed to start but it was growing legs so thought I would post it

If you missed Sports Cage...basically a lot of 'if it is true, there is word that King is a handful to work with and it may be something that Huf has just had enough of'

Even if it was dead bang on no way does he say or even hint there is an inkling of truth to it. He is still the GM and HC of the Stamps so to even scrunch his forehead at the suggestion there is any truth to this would probably land him in some hot water not only with the stamps but also the CFL. Not too many people would be impressed if he was considering joining the Riders while he still on the Stamps staff.
Meh I think it is all hot air myself and yes it wouldn't shock me if he is trying to mess with the Riders. I don't think there is a team he doesn't like anymore then the Riders. They burned him bad a few times in the playoffs and especially in 2013 and really the Riders made him look like a horses azz for being so stupid to leave starters in a nothing game that ended up dropping like flies. Then the Riders go into Calgary and wipe the field with what Stamp players were left standing. Then Cory and Taman get coach and GM of the year to add salt to his wounds. He didn't even stay for the whole ceremony and left before giving the award to Cory. Big time sour grapes on his part. So is he above pulling something like this to throw a wrench into the Riders plans? Honestly I don't think he would hesitate for a second doing it.

He may be a good coach and GM but I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him as far as having the Riders best interest at heart to be honest. He is so much a Stamp you can smell the horse sh^^ on his shoes a mile away.

A bunch of noise if you ask me. I'll only believe it if the ink dries on a contract. Until then, forget it.

Don't get me wrong. Would love to have him.


The Saskatchewan Roughriders say they never offered John Hufnagel a job and Calgary Stampeders president Ken King backs up the claim.

Rumours of the 'Riders offering Hufnagel $1 million per season and a dual role of general manager/head coach have been circulating around the CFL for several months. The rumour first came to my attention in the 'Riders pressbox on Labour Day.

When contacted that day, Stampeders president Ken King said, “Huff isn’t going anywhere and the 'Riders haven’t approached me.?

A few days later, Hufnagel took the steps to shoot the rumours down, saying he was under contract and not leaving the Stamps.

“In response to rumours regarding my future in the Canadian Football League with a club other than the Calgary Stampeders, I feel the need to express the fact that I am extremely happy and proud to be a member of the Stampeders, I’m under contract with the club beyond the 2015 season and I intend to honour that commitment,? Hufnagel said in a statement. “I’m very pleased with our organization and all we have achieved, and I look forward to many future successes. After reconfirming these intentions to our fans, players and organization, I hope everyone’s focus remains entirely on having a tremendous 2015 season, not speculation or false rumours about the future.?

But some rumours never die and with the 'Riders closing in on hiring a GM, the reports of such an offer have bubbled to the surface again.

I contacted King again on Wednesday and he reiterated his earlier position. The 'Riders never asked to speak with Hufnagel.

The 'Riders offered me their own explanation on Wednesday.

“('Riders president Craig Reynolds) followed CFL protocol with all our GM candidates,? said a 'Riders spokesperson. "He approached candidates directly to see if they were interested in the position. If a candidate expressed interest, Craig then contacted the concerned organization to ask for permission. In the case of (Hufnagel), Craig asked and John said he wasn’t interested. So the process ended there. We didn’t ask for permission to speak to him and we never made him an offer.?

The 'Riders are expected to conduct final interviews this week for their vacant GM position and the short list includes Chris Jones, John Murphy, Brock Sunderland and 'Riders interim GM Jeremy O'Day.

I never bit this had substance....but ya never know...well...yeah I guess we do

Lol yeah and the reported amount of million bucks to get him? Get real, if they went ahead with a deal like that amount then everyone in the office should be fired. Totally an insane amount in CFL salaries. Riders may have cash but to blow a wad like that on anyone is just plain asinine. The thing that bugs me about even a rumor of such a salary is bound to have potential candidates all of a sudden wanting a whole bunch more.

Jones will no doubt be looking to get 750k as his ego says he is certainly worth that. If he asked anything over 550k I would tell him to get stuffed.

A million bucks for Huf if he agreed to 5 seasons doing both and there was a condition on payout should that situation arise...I would go for that. It is extremely high, but wwould be worth it IMO

I heard the Jones offer was/would be fairly high...but that is the thing...IF they are interested in a guy who just won the GC and seems to have a very solid team for the future the only way he is likely to leave is significant bucks.

I look at it this way...the better HCs and GMs are making 350-500 / if you are paying under 700 for a guy to do both and it is the guy you really want...go for it.