John Hufnagel Demoted in NY Maybe free..soon..

Gilbride assumes the play-calling duties from offensive coordinator John Hufnagel, who has called the plays since he joined the team with Coughlin in 2004. Hufnagel will continue in an administrative role with the offensive staff.

This Guy would make nice addition to Charleys Staff..
all we have to do ask for Permission to talk to his Agent..

I agree that Hufnagel would make a great OC under Taaffe, but I can't see Hufnagel taking a huge pay cut to return to the CFL...unless he misses Canada like Taaffe did. I guess anything can happen. It wouldn't hurt if Desjardins and Taaffe looked into it.

new york what??

never assume everybody knows everything you know.

Hufnagel is too high priced to take a secondary role under Taaffe - Charlie has said he wants to be more involved in the offence than most Head Coaches.

The New York Giants are riddled with problems on offence. Is Hufnagel part of the problem there?

Hmmmmmm , problems with the offence and they arent blaming it on the QB ?? Not talking about Hamilton I guess, cause that`s what we do here . Changing who calls the plays ? What a novel idea !!!!

Hufnagel will probably be fired at years end and then we`d have to see if he got any other NFL offers or a NCAA offer .

Hufnagel would be under-employeed as a CFL head coach.
Zero chance of him taking an OC job in the CFL at this stage of his career.

I can't see Hufnagel coming back to the CFL at all, let alone as a junior OC. Taaffe has stated he wants to keep a big role in coaching the offense.

If John were a defensive coach, then maybe it would make sense...

I don't think so Coach Tom Coughlin is a head Case..
He pushed the Giants so hard they now are slipping
Cause of his way of Coaches .

The Same thing happen when he Coached the jags.
Team went good for a few years then Crumbled..

His Way coaching Lost his team..
This what happens when your too Tough on a Team.
They Crumble.


Thats my assessment of Tom Coughlin too. I always have the feeling that the players don't like playing for him. And was't it Kevin Gilbride who got into a shouting match which almost turned into a fight on the sidelines a few years ago with the defensive co-ordinator when he was in Pittsburgh? No wonder the G-men offence is the way it is. Maybe Hufnagel is the only normal coach on the offence.

Why does the CFL keep recycling the same old coaches? Is anyone else sick and tired of this? I like the moves of Pinball, Dunigan, Marshall (both ours and Winnipeg') and Austin becoming coaches. How many more teams will Matthews, Rita, Ritches et al coach with? Hufnagel is a good coach and if it works outs here in Hamilton that would be awesome but I would like to see some new blood in the CFL. Anyone else agree?