John Huffnagel

Not sure if this has been raised, however, I understand that John Huffnagel has been released by the NY Giants. He would be an excellent pick up as an offence coach or even potnetial Head coach.

Start him ASAP as Assistant H.C imho

As an assistant coach in the NFL he was probably making more money than Taaffe so I doubt he'd some here for the peanuts the CFL pay assistant coaches. He'll pick up work down there.

Why was he released???

Because Barber and Shokey whinned every week about not getting the ball enough.

A very interesting idea. I wonder if he'd want to come back to Canada. It seems to me like he'd want to stay in the NFL to try and get a possible head coaching job in the future. I'm not sure that'll ever materialize for him. But one thing I am sure of is that he stands to make a lot more in the NFL or even as a coach in the NCAA.

But it's a great idea, give him a call. I'm sick of watching 60 yard sideways passes that gain 3 yards. A new OC with some vertical element to his offense would be greatly appreciated.

He was gone near end of last season with NY.
He was guest Coach in BC at Tranning Camp

If he can get an assistant’s job in the NFL it’s worth more money than a head coaching job in the CFL.

then he wudnt get alone with printers.. lol