John Hashem released

Surprised by this. He looked like he had progressed well since in Montreal. Another guy who is going to find work easily.

9 players,8 imports and 1 non-import, have been released,based on Als roster; excluding Boulay and Ferri,they are:
Daunte Akra.-DE/LB
Isiah Barfield.-CB
T.J. Green.-WR
Josh Hashem.-T
Derrell Johnson-Koulianos.-WR
Marquan Jones.-WR
Jeraill McCuller.-T Mild surprise,at least at this time
Mark Restelli.-LB Surprise. Injured?
Travis Williams.-DB


Restellis release is surprising, seeing weve released Ferri, and apparently Bear Woods is on crutches. Suddenly our LB surplus is no more.

Also the Argos have picked up Santos, there obviously being a connection to Milanovich.

We need to get down to 46 plus 10 on the practice roster... I think we are trying to protect our NI Oline riches. Quite a few teams eyeballing our Offensive linesmen.

McCuller and Restelli are surprises at this point. Certainly not a dull moment in the past 24 hours in Als camp.

That's the reason I never get too excited about TC or pre-season. This or that player may appear to be a world beater, but in the end may get released. I wish, however, that there were either more pre-season games or that some other format be adopted. Hfx talked about an expanded roster through the season. That way at least, you could keep some players a little longer and could have better depth at most positions. For many players, they get a measly 15-minute appearance in a game. IMO, you can't make any serious obversations about a player's worth under fire that way. So, under the current structure it's a player's performance at practices, salary issues, a short appearance in a game...and then you have to go with your gut feeling. Do some players slip through the cracks this way? You bet!

I put confidence in a management team that has been the class of the CFL for more than a decade. Secondly, a sports career is, by and large, a short career, Damon Allen and AC nothwithstanding. An old adage states that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, I am anxious to see who remains, but more importantly how they perform when the bullets start flying for real. We will have, by all appearances, new personnel at virtually every position on D under a new DC with a (primarily) 3-4 D scheme. This week, we will get some sense on how our veterans on the O and the remaining veterans on D are performing prior to the start of the season. Hope this all works out for the best to set us on the road for another (and likely final for AC) GC.

Go Als go!