John Grace to start Monday

Word in Calgary is he's going to play Monday.

I think youre going to see an amazing game
from him. He should be healthy and highly
motivated, besides playing Edmonton he's got
a young guy pushing for his job.

I cant wait!

Who would have ever thought that John would be pushed for his job. Grace will be on a mission to show the coaches some young LB will not remove him from his position.

....why has John fallen from grace after having a pretty good year in 05....could he be getting tired of being shoved around by the coaches....rumours were that he was being shopped around the league...what's the buzz ////red.. :roll:

Well it seems that from soome of the media there are several story lines. One is that John just has not played to his level of last year. But the reason for this could be the fact he has been playing with a nagging injury. The other is that the young guys Abdulah and Anthony needed some playing time to see if they are going to be the future of this team. John no arguements being the classy guy that he is sat and waits for his return. A healthy John Grace will show what he is made of I am sure. Now with George White the guy is a great player and coming back from an injury like he did he performed great. But I think it was more George did not want to sit while the young guys got playing time that made him want to be released. The Stamps said they would show him around but he said he would look for himself. Where as Grace if they were shopping him around I think they would have had a bite by now do you not think. So rumors were abound but who knows I am not going to be a McMahon and say that he was being shopped. The real John Grace will show up with a vengence in the Labor day game. Mean while the young guys Abdulah and Anthony got playing time and proved they could easily fill in or have full time employment with this team. This is a great thing to have depth in your line backing. But I would put money on John having a great game come monday. With George White great individual and a good player I am sure he will make it on another team. We will miss him no doubt about it. But George does not want to wait to see where he fits in and you have to give the Stamps credit they gave George the right to look on his own. Good Luck George!