John Grace cut???

Some guy on the website says that Grace has been cut. I have searched this site, RDS and TSN and see no mention of it. But, when I checked the Als roster, he was no longer there... Is he cut? If so, why no announcement?

I've said it before and I'll say it again, CFL coverage in Montréal is crap! RDS does not even know about it. By the way, RDS spent the first 15 minutes of their 30 minute 18:30 bulletin talking about hockey...

Grace cut? Wow, that’s brutal. Jones must not have liked our total lack of run defense last week. The question becomes, who takes his place?

I don't think he was cut. We would of seen it on the website, or at least seen it on one or the other, TSN, RDS or Sportsnet. Also, never heard anything on CJAD, a reliable source. He was dressed for the last game in Hamilton.

My guess, is that Grace be have been injured, and they forgot to put his name on the Inactive list, or something along those lines.

Herb Z.'s reporting it on his blog and in the Gazette.

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Yes, I read that this morning.

I don't think Grace was given a fair chance. He is a former CFL All-Star, he can get the job done.

The 3 players I was looking forward to most seeing his year, was Cheatwood, Grace and Thurmon.

Cheatwood retires and Grace is cut...

Releasing Grace when Taylor is still injured and now Strickland is out (at least for the Wpg game) sure seems odd to me.

So we're going to have Ferri and Hill at OLB for this game? Pretty green.