John Grace Cut from Montreal?

This was Part Montreal Transactions Yesterday :
MTL DEL IMP John GRACE (LB) Marshall

He not on the roster at all
If Montreal dose want him Could he be a Good Pickup ????

We are very good and very deep at linebacker. Don't need anyone else.

He is vet one less rookie to worrie about.

The team has made MORE than enough changes and if they keep making changes there will be more of the players not gelling on the field.

Winnipeg has probably already signed him. :wink:

It is unfortunate that ex-all stars like Grace are let go by CFL teams so quietly. You don’t see that happen in other pro leagues.

I think it makes the CFL look bad.

i agree, there is a lack of loyalty in the cfl these days, players are treated like a piece of meat, and the sad part is cfl has some loyal players that dont holdout for higher salaries and cause controversy and have embarrassing off field incidents.

I hope he catches on with someone else. I hate cuts. Doesn't make me happy to see people out of a job.

The story:

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Why should teams be loyal to the players? Players have no loyalty to teams. The CFL has always had a big turnover of players. He lost his starting job in Calgary last year its no surprise to me that Montreal release him.