John Gott

Where is John Gott these days? He was a fan favourite since the ORBs made their debut. Sadly, when he was cut, it was as if he never existed. Into the void. So I am curious to know what became of him and what he is doing nowadays.

Gott’s absence is felt every time the REDBLACKS take the field. He is sorely missed this year.

Yup. Gott and about dozen other players. Still cannot understand the logic behind management’s personnel decisions. Boggles the mind.

Ottawa needs to win seven of eight to realistically contend for a playoff spot. It obviously starts with a win over Toronto.

Robert’s right. Not resigning their key pieces was the most under-reported story on the Ottawa sports scene this year. I can’t fathom the sportswriters failing to question hard what was either a budget cutting directive from ownership (with no change in the normal capacity crowd stadium and the tv contract)… or there was a big problem none of us knew about… or massive incompetence. What else could it have been?

John was drinking on the job. Lol

But I think he was retiring after last season.