John "Don't-Call-Me-Johnny" Manziel

Well, let the games begin! Manziel is here!

Alouettes de Montréal
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Bienvenue aux Alouettes, Johnny Manziel! Ne ratez pas son tout premier match le jeudi 26 juillet au stade de McGill

En savoir plus sur la transaction


Proulx is happy with the trade.

Watch the video at the bottom of the page with Didier Ormejuste. Didier says that Manziel has started partying again and has been late for meetings.

If true, this would be a colossally bad trade for the Als.

Let's just hope that off- field issues are not the reasons that Hamilton traded Johnny.


Its very, very odd that his HC agreed to this after labeling him a future star in the league.

How odd is it really? A head coach talks a guy into going there. Then feels bad that the guy is good enough to play somewhere. Realizes that he needs to move the player for value before the player becomes disgruntled. Certainly doesn't have to mean that there is some mysterious or negative reason to make the deal.

Football coaches tend to be pretty greedy.

From Herb Zurkowsky:

“This is a move both (general manager) Kavis Reed and I felt we needed to make at this time,? Als head coach Mike Sherman told the Montreal Gazette. “Neither one of us believes in the status quo and felt we needed to shake things up. Johnny is someone we believe can elevate one of the most important positions on our team.

“I look forward to reuniting with Johnny again and working with him.?

By all accounts, Manziel was a model teammate with the Ticats and accepted his backup role.

“Jeremiah has played great, but Johnny’s ready to play,? said a Ticats source. “The guy came up here to play and deserves the opportunity to play. This hasn’t been fair to him.

“The Alouettes are getting an elite player.?

Manziel was expected to arrive in Montreal on Sunday night and should be on the field for practice on Monday afternoon. The Als host Edmonton on Thursday.

Dont think youll have to worry okie about Herb not being at practice this week.

So will Mathieu Boulay,Sheldon. He won't write too much about Jean Pascal,at least for now.


A few notes/comments following yesterday's trade.

Johnny Manziel.

As per 3 Down Nation, in an article written on May 19,2018, Johnny Manziel received a $10,000 signing bonus,has a 2018 base salary of $122,000 + housing allowance of $18,000 + $10,000 incentives if active for 6 games,10 games and 14 games + finally, $120,000 if he takes half the snaps.

Based on this information and since 5 games have been played, he will earn.with the Alouettes, a minimum of $100,111 in 2018 and a maximum of up to $240,111 in 2018.

For 2019, Johnny will receive a $75,000 bonus on March 1st,2019 and his base salary will be 202,000,meaning that his minimum salary will be $277,000 in 2019. He will also have the same $10,000 and $120,000 incentives, meaning that his 2019maximum salary could be $427,000 in 2019.

Chris Williams.

Yes, he was our best receiver, but, excluding 2 long passes, he did not do that great.

Game 1, against BC: 6 catches for 98 yards. Longest 56.
Game 2,against Winnipeg: 5 catches for 22 yards.
Game 3,against Saskatchewan: 3 catches for 130 yards. Longest,against Duron, 79 yards and 1 TD.
Game 4,against Ottawa: 1 catch for 33 yards,early in the game. Injured and did not return.
Game 5,against Calgary. Did not play.Injured in game 4.

I worry more about the loss of DE Jamall Westerman than the lost of Chris Williams.


For the first 2 homes games attendances were:

First home game,against Winnipeg: 19,498
Second home game,against Ottawa: 16,718.

Unless the weather is bad, I expect the attendance for this Thursday to be in line with first game.

If the Alouettes play well and eventually win games, the attendances will be in the 20,000.


The trade was mentioned on NFL Radio on Sirius this morning. Als will get more media coverage than they have ever had since the Ferragamo signing. Hopefully this one works out better. :slight_smile:

Not sure if it was discussed, but I would have asked for INT DE Adrian Tracy instead of Landon Rice.

But again as I mentioned previously it`s up to football ops to find replacements for Westerman and Williams. Easier than finding a QB.

I think the Tom Cousineau signing was bigger than Ferragamo....and Yes I am that old :wink:

We are not old, we are experienced veterans!

Yes,for experienced veterans like us,there were great signings in the late seventies and early eighties,including Tom Cousineau-the first player selected in the 1979 NFL draft,by Buffalo- and Johnny Rodgers. I agree that the Tom Cousineau was the most publicized. I recall Serge Amyot of the Journal complaining/writing that there was no one from the Als meeting him when he arrived in Montreal. Serge Amyot rarely had good writings about the Als.


Definitely remember Vince Ferragamo,Sheldon. Also the year of WR Jake Scott-from the NFL Bears- draft choices RB David Overstreet and DL Keith Gary. Unfortunately, they all zero,to be polite. Vince was eventually replace by Nat. QB Gerry Dattilio.

I also remember that year-1981- where he signed a Can., Ottawa free agent FB Mike Murphy. In his first game-pre-season,game that I attended- he ruptured his "tendon d"achiles" and his career was done. Since we signed a free agent,-in these days they were not free- we lost our first 2 draft choices to Ottawa. These bad days/memories. We were miserable in Canadian talent and Ottawa had the best Canadian talent.

Let's hope that it will end better with Johnny.


I was vacationing in New Orleans when Cousineau signed with the Als. It made the front page of the New Orleans Times Picayune and I remember being quite excited. Cousineau had been the overall 1979 NFL No. 1 draft pick. Times sure have changed.

Joe Mack needs to get off his arse!

The signing of "just your average superstar" Johnny Rodgers in 1973 was bigger insofar as it drew more publicity than either. The Alouettes best signing of an import though was that of Sam Etcheverry in 1952.


I agree with both of you