John Delahunt our New Tight End!!

John Delahunt has been playing Full-Back but in recent games has been brought in at Tight End with Burris and LeFavor the guy has good hands for the catching the ball and certainly adds another dimension to our offensive attack. I missed seeing for many years a good Tight End with the Cats, especially on the swing pass or screen and a guy of Delahunts size certainly can be hard to stop once he gets going?

Keep up the good work Delahunt!!


There is no such thing as a full time TE position in the CFL.

Have you not noticed over the last several seasons that pretty much every FB is the CFL has a dual FB/TE role?

Yes I agree. Delahunt has been playing pretty good lately. He had his moments earlier in the season but now he seems to be gelling nicely

The Canadian rules compared with the American rules are like night and day, in Canada with gridiron positions adapt and much more fluid with new offensive schemes whereas in the more static American rules, positions are more etched in stone. That being said, is there any true fullback any more in the NFL that is actually that, a fullback that just blocks 95 percent of the time for the halfback? No. Usually they follow our game and put the extra guy as a wideout for that extra receiver. All teams that win in the NFL win now because of the passing game for the most part, they realize all they need, like the CFL, is just a good enough running game to keep the defense somewhat honest. You win with the pass. But that being said, it seems to me the running game in the CFL has actually become a bit more important in recent years.

Any league, the main guys on offense IMHO, apart from the blockers of course, are the receivers. Without them, excellent pass protection, excellent qb, excellent rb, you're just not going to put points up. And that's what it is about, putting points up. "Three yards and cloud of dust", Bo Schembechler style ain't going to cut it anymore.