John Cornish- The most classless player in the CFL?

CFL games are supposed to be family friendly. I'm completly disgusted by John Cornish and what he did at today's game. He mooned the east side fans at Mosiac Stadium. There are 3 and 4 year olds in the stands. Come on John, give your head a shake buddy.

If the CFL doesnt fine and/or suspend him for that act, the CFL, in my opinion, should be ashamed of themselves. If I was to go to my job and moon somebody, I would likely be suspended.

The alot of fans at rider games are classless they probably deserved it!

I never went to another game at mosaic since the fans tossed beer cans at BC back in 2008. So say to say that some 30-40 year olds, act like 3-4 year olds. So much for a family outing, but the league should look at this as it was a player....

These are professional football players and they should act the part. He should not be lowering himself to the so called drunken inbred fan that you refer to. I'm glad my 2 kids did not see this but feel really bad for the ones that did.

I don't know about "classless" but I do know that Cornish is one of the dirtiest players in the league. Take a look next game after the whistle and Cornish will be grabbing and kicking at anyone near the pile.

Funniest thing about Cornish is that despite all his "tough guy" tactics, when he gets hit hard a couple of times he goes into a shell and shuts down for the rest of the game.

Very easy player to defend against - - go at him hard in the first quarter, finish tackles on him with a bit extra pop and he'll be invisible for the rest of the game.

Former coach Chris Jones knows it and look at what Toronto did to him this year. First game 7/39 with no TDs and 1 fumble. Second game 12/43 with no TDs. Argos got in his face early, and right on cue Cornish turned into the invisible turtle.

shows what you know

"Cornish has posted at RiderFans that he didn't moon anyone. He says his pants were falling down and he had to adjust his underwear before he could fix his pants and that some skin showed while he did that. He also said he wouldn't moon anyone because he's too cheap to do something that would result in a fine."

Cornish tells the truth.

I don't really care about this thread but just curious: And you know this how? You a friend of his and he confided in you?

It was straight from Cornish's keyboard. He posts at RiderFans under the user name Ztella. I posted in the game thread a summary of what Cornish posted and FYB quoted it here.

Oh, I know what he posts at Riderfans. But if I was him, I'd be telling the same story to avoid a fine. My question wasn't whether it was true that he said what he said, but how FYB knows that what he said is the truth.

I guess he believes Cornish over the Rider fans. Personally I believe Cornish too. There are a few players whose pants seem to creep down regularly especially after they make a play.

And here's a tweet by Cornish:

Jon Cornish@jonnycornish:
Lol gotta love the rider fans calling out my equipment adjustment on the sideline. They mad I'm not mad.

Surprise, surprise. That is not knowing "the truth"; that is having an opinion.

Not sure about this since I didn't see it. But in terms of inbreeding out there in Saskatchewan, I wouldn't mind getting in on a bit of that as the Rider fan chicks I see in the stands on TV look like someone knows what they are doing when doing the inbreeding thing. Some very attractive looking babes there I must say. :wink:

Cornish also got away with spiking a football at a referee. I can't believe how you yahoos can always turn this around to make the Rider Nation look bad. Face it, Cornish was frustrated because Chamblin called it "that he would not rush for over 100 yards" and our D was stuffing him for the most part but he still had a respectable game gaining 67 yards on the ground. This has nothing to do with the Riders or Rider Nation it's all about Cornish and his childishness.

After the game they showed the players mingling and shaking hands. Cornish refused to acknowledge Durant and acted like a spoiled baby with a pout.....
Suck it up princess, they stopped you this time. You are still a primier player so quit acting like a baby.

Cornish just looks like a douche.

I wasnt at this game, so I cant comment on what Cornish may or may not have done.. however.. i am a little tired of the "classless rider fan" quotes .. I have been to plenty of football games and let me tell you, every team has its share of classless fans. Maybe it is the cheapness of the ticket prices, or the buses that haul people too and from the games from the bars, but there are plenty of drunken bafoons in all colours of jerseys. (including a game a few years ago where I saw eskimo fans bombarding the Stamps players with snowballs)

i've been saying cornish is a classless / dirty player for awhile now.

last nights game, he launched himself at a player while making a block...again.
he mooned fans.
threw the ball towards an official and said something heated towards him.
last season, he laughed after injuring chad owens.
when things don't go his way, he blames his teammates.

i really dislike his personality.

So… the league rushing leader is easy to defend against? How does that make sense?

He mooned the crowd? That's pretty tame in my opinion....if you walk down Barton street in Hamilton for more than 30 seconds you'll be exposed to much worse......

My vote goes to Odell Willis. :thup:

This is one of the most immature statements I have ever heard. Every stadium has bad actors...BC is the only stadium I have ever personally had issues at, and I have been at every stadium multiple times. While most stadiums provide some immature actions, it was BC where a man walked up to my wife and punched her...why...for wearing a non-lions hat.
I don't hold anything against the BC fans...I realize 99% of them are standup the dozen or so people that came and dragged the guy away until security came.

But hey, it is interesting to see that you feel that 2 wrongs = a right...even when one of them is supposed to be a paid professional.