John Chick

I am an angry Ticats .....You guys just got John Chick from us and 5th round pick for a 2knd round pick

He only make 160 k so he is not overpayed and is still 34 so he has a few good years left. He bring workmanlike attitude to every play and is a smart and strong pass rusher and hard hitter and good tackler with decent speed. His CFl and NFL experience make him a real asset.

I am angry because or team has sucked but we got rid of the wrong guy . Our QB makes over 500 k per year and has 0-11 record going to lasy year and is inept.

Chick was a fan favorite and personal favorite of mine .

I now predict that Edmonton will make it to the Grey Cup vs the ARGOS . Getting Sherrit and Bowman back will help

Anyone have an idea why the WEST has been so much better than the EAST for so long ?

In Edmonton this year there has been a rash of injuries and they still go undefeated ?

Most people in ontario think the CFL is a joke especially in Toronto mainly because they have the Blue Jays and raptors so they they think the CFL is 2knd rate . It;s a shame as the BMO field they have is perfect for the CFL.

In my opinion , the CFL is a different game as the players are bigger and stronger ...qb;s have to 6 -4 in the NFL and in the CFL Doug Flutie was a star .....The Defensive Ends like Chick and Willis would be linebackers in the NFL and our linebackers are too small for the example is adam bighill is trying out for new orleans but they say he is too small for the linebacler position so he is trying out for special teams and doing well at it.

What do you guys think is wrong with the ticats ? the oline ? somehow we stayed close to the esks in both games . That reilly is a thin guy but very very tough and I think he is the best qb in the league ...

The TiCats didn't stay close to the Esks in the 2nd game that I saw. The Esks had something like 13+ players out. Our TiCats got crushed by a bunch of second string players for heavens sake. Sadly they also got beat by a Kicker when playing the RedBlacks. Come on back to the TiCat chat Gerbear, you're being silly in here.

He has been invisible, he was in Hamilton and is in Edmonton too. I think his glory days are past.

Yup, Chris Jones is a smart man. :-X

Chris Jones made John Chick an offer that could have kept him in Regina until retirement and not disrupted his large family by bouncing first to Hamilton, then to Edmonton. But no - Chris Jones gets painted as the bad guy for offering him less than Chick wanted, and then releasing or trading Chick so that he could get what he wanted. Turns out John ends up signing in Hamilton for basically what the Riders offered anyway - just so he can continue playing. Love the guy, amazing motor and just a fantastic person all round. But not likely his smartest move in his career. The connection to Saskatchewan and the Riders that would have enabled him to retire here and become a (legendary) and very likely well paid part of the community after hanging up the cleats - was severed by John Chick, not Chris Jones.

Maybe he will return to Regina upon retiring, and try to re-establish the personal part of his life that he threw away (by demanding an unrealistic salary) - who knows.

BTW - thanks for last night's loss to Wpg.

Well maybe not everyone likes Chris jones like you do, no matter what he's done for the riders .

I like winning, and Chris Jones can very likely take us there.

Chick? Not anymore
Dressler? Not likely
Getzlaf? Nope
Durant? Obviously not

Nobody else would have made those tough decisions so swiftly here in Riderville. I respect that. Gotta move forward and while I love those guys listed above, football is a younger man's game

THIS. We have seen what Jones is capable of: quickly making decisions based on his perspective, experience, goals, and budget. He literally saved us 1.3 million this season by NOT caving into fickle emotional fans and signing guys to fat and instead turned over a ton of rocks to find younger and better and more within budget. This is how you build a winner.

Some of the stuff that was said by butthurt fans about Jones was disgusting, and made me embarrassed to be a Rider fan. Now those same 'fans' are whistling while kicking the dirt.

…geez guys, what part of ‘Edmonton Eskimos Forum’ does this rider navel gazing include? Read the rules please…