John Chick

John Chick was released by the Jaguars today.

He will obviously check out all his NFL options first, but if nothing happens there .... LET'S GET 'ER DONE!


I don;t know the NFL rules, I won't pretend that I do. But I hope Chick has enough years to get the players pension. If not, I hope he can find work down there and get eligibility for the pension.

But that stuff is out of everyone's control. Chick has been there 3-4 years now. He's a little older and he is likely in the bubble part of his NFL days (unless he can crack ateam and start). If not............I could see him being available. Injuries, the draft, salary caps, too many things are involved?

Chick worked his way from the practice roster to the 53 man roster and although he has been released he may still be in good shape. With the huge need for DEs to plug into the rotation he is still on the smaller side of the Minimum Salary whith his exxperience he may just yet find a job which he would most likley accept the NFL minimum for a player with his years f actual roster of injured reserve service. His year of so on the practice roster does not count towards number of years of service. I do not have the salary base in front of me now but if this is his actual 4th year of service he will around 500-600K.

On Rod Pederson's blog many are worried about his age of 30. Really players are realeased at 30 or so to do with younger and cheaper players. In the case of Chick first he did spend an entire season on the Colts Practice and then 2011 on the Jags 53 man as a rotation DE. Missed 6 games on the NFL PUP list and was ratational. So for him health wise he has not taken a regular starters 30 year olds worth of hits and Chamblain is all about the Dline rotation. Foley also played mostly every down with the Argos last season as the DE spot was a ratio spot and he had some back ups that were not very good.
Having the two of them as part of the Dline rotation limiting their reps to a solid chunk of PT but not every down they both will be very effective. Pure Passing downs with Chick on one side and Foley on the other will be a tough combo especially with guys as big as Sholo and Alfords big bodies taking up alot of space on the interior.
Chick could very well go to an NFL training camp most likely and i do not believe he has any Practice roster eligibilty he could be released run through wiavers and if no on interested the riders could pick him up Mid season in great physical shape from Training camp but without a hlaf a season of banging heads.
Whenever possible I can not see any reason the Riders would not sign him the day he is available

Chick did not bounce back as quickly from his knee injury as they had hoped. I would suspect that at 30, this plays into the decision. It is a pity too, because he was starting to come into his own.

He has not yet qualified for the pension plan..though the plan is really peanuts until you have 7 seasons in.

Gil, his agent, is supposedly close to having him signed with someone. The Riders have already been in contact.

I believe there is potential Chick does not make it out of NFL camps…I would think Hamilton and Regina would be his first considerations if he ends up looking at the CFL.

I hope he makes a club down south…he deserves it.

evidently John Chick is still with Jacksonville

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Peculiar twist for sure...I mean heck...his agent was quoted talking about it.

As pro pensions go the NFL even minimum pension is some nice peanuts. What exactly is the X number of games and or seasons on rosters or IRs doesit take for a player to reach the minimum NFL pension ?

It all changed a bit in late 2011, so I am not on the up 100%, BUT, as far as I know it is still 4 credited years. A credited year is being on the active or IR roster for 3+ games. Remember though, the average NFL career is under 5 years. You start receiving it at 55 (there are of course some lump options there and what not)

The Legacy fund was introduced a couple years back, which was awesome to see. Players from yesteryear...20+ years ago, were getting like 200 bucks, sometimes less, per month. That has went up in many cases almost 10 fold...increases were weighted on the era they played. One of those rarities when you see an employer and it's union truly looking out for the people.

The whole Legacy thing bumped pensions in a huge step in the right direction...a newly retiring player a couple years back with around 5 years would get under 2K a month at 55, now they get around 5500...of course varying dependent on years of service. The guys with 10 years plus are the ones who make good money....they qualify for an extra 401k, which the league contributes 2:1 to while they play, which is very a smart player maxes out on that

So yeah...a 5 year player will get about 60-65k a year starting at 55....sounds great, but what is 60K worth in 30 years? No kick in the nuts, I know, just saying. Of the big 4 leagues, the NFL hands down has the worst it is not even close...well, perhaps if you are a 10 year vet. And this is after the legacy initiation...prior to that it basically didn't exist, and that only kicking in around 2 years ago.

The biggest thing for a lot of guys is the health benefits. The NFL has pretty goo post playing career coverage....some highlights are neurological care (concussions), spinal care (a big issue for a lot of players by 45), a joint replacement program (which is way too low because almost every player has at least 1 done well before 50), and the biggy...100K a year for ALS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer’s and a few others...high speculation that repetitive nerve trauma is a leading cause of some of those (ie Babe Ruth)

That is a rather basic overview of it...I could go into more if you really wanted, but it gives you the high level grasp.

Keep your fingers crossed rider fans as Chick NFL daays could be finised after two seasons on te PR mosly was able to be part of a strting DE roaton

Jacksonville is going with a "youth movement" and trying to build through the draft, so cutting a 30 yr old practice squad player is not a big deal to them. In all actuality it didn't even make news in NFL cities or in the USA. That being said if he can play at a high level he'll get a look somewhere, but I doubt in the NFL.

I'll explain.

The "new" NFL CBA makes it easier (and more affordable) to cut aging players who went undrafted or are nothing more then practice squad players because it is cheaper to draft a rookie (who you have under control for 4 or 5 years) and use them.

I doubt Chick gets a look from another NFL team (if he is/was released).

well we could sure use him up here now with Hawk retiring, Odell gone

Chick had quietly found a niche as a rotation guy at the DE spot. As for his salary he is still at a very low minimum rate with spending a good chunk of his time on the practice roster before being promoted from Jacksonville to the roster he has not been beat up a lot for games although it was an injury and the change in leadership that led to the release. His age will have more to do with it then anything else but the fact is with all the rotation and specialty down Dlineman for each down having a low paid guy with experience in a rotation could get him one more chance as I think would be his third roster year where the Minimum is still pretty low. Going form 3 year min to a 4-6 year min is the jump that is hard to make and where many players see the end of there NFL playing days.
He probably will have made enough to wait for a phone call if injuries should hit a team hard at DE and is looking for a rotational guy at a bargain price for the season. If non comes he will be 31 but will have a year of rest on the body and would no doubt then look to coming back to the Riders who will be using a 3 man rotation for sure at DE this season and next with one, Foley, coming from the Non import portion of the roster.

That may not be so surprising as there may be some things going on behind the scenes. The Riders put a lot of Scouting effort in Bringing in a variety of import DEs and in Bulk so perhaps after Mini Camp it was seen that Hawk may be cut and gave him the chance to retire. He will be staying in the Area so coming back could always be an option if needed.
It could also mean that John Chick could be closer to leaning to b coming back to the Riders

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Agent says John Chick considering return to Roughriders

There appears to have been some movement on the possibility of John Chick rejoining the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Gil Scott, Chick’s agent, said Wednesday that he has informed the Roughriders that the 30-year-old import defensive end would consider returning to the CFL with the Roughriders. A CFL source said the Riders have conducted recent talks with Scott about Chick’s status and that an offer has been made.

REGINA — There appears to have been some movement on the possibility of John Chick rejoining the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Gil Scott, Chick’s agent, said Wednesday that he has informed the Roughriders that the 30-year-old import defensive end would consider returning to the CFL with the Roughriders. A CFL source said the Riders have conducted recent talks with Scott about Chick’s status and that an offer has been made.

Scott, meanwhile, said he’s still waiting for further talks with the Roughriders.

“Basically the ball is in their court and I’m waiting to hear back from them,’’ Scott said. “Other teams have inquired about him in the CFL and I’m waiting to hear back from them. I felt that I should give Regina the first shot because I told them I would do that. They have known about it since last Friday or Saturday and we’re waiting to hear back.’’

Chick spent three seasons with the Riders, winning the award as the CFL’s most outstanding defensive player in 2009. He left the Riders after that season to sign as a free agent with the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts. After spending the 2010 season with the Colts, he was cut during training camp in 2011. Chick then signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He remained with Jacksonville through the 2012 season and was released this spring. He was limited to eight games in 2012 with the Jaguars while recovering from a torn patella tendon in his right knee, an injury that he suffered late in the 2011 season.

Chick is a free agent and can sign with any team in the CFL.

Scott said Chick was still interested in landing a job with an NFL team, but there is a “window right now’’ for the Riders to sign him.

“An NFL team could call any day,’’ Scott said. “You would think they would want to jump on that, but I haven’t heard anything from them.’’

Corey Chamblin, the Riders’ head coach, recently told reporters that he would like to see Chick join the team for the start of training camp if he did sign. The Riders are to open their main training camp on Sunday in Saskatoon.

Details to follow.

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soooo…basically waiting for the offer.
I would say they are crunching final numbers for cap space

Chick has played this out the way I figured he would.

Wait as long as possible, see if any NFL deals come. Late May, launch CFL feelers and see what he can get.

Even if a CFL team offers big money he might decide to keep waiting for the NFL? But I think his interest in playing is real and he'll take a hard look at a 2-3 year deal.

He also is playing this nicely by putting all the pressure on Taman to deliver. Scott is saying we want to review one contract from one team. If its good we won't need to play FA................if not we'll talk with other teams.

Given the teams vacant DE positions..............I think Gil Scott and Chick are playing this perfectly. It might cost us some cap space and off the top of my head I think T. George might be a casualty. We're not talking a $100K contract.........this will be $150K range or more and he has not played a snap up north for 3 yrs, is coming off knee injury, and he's 30 not 26.

The pressure is on Taman or he'll be explaining why they felt the value wasn't there and the fans won't be happy! This is a time when I am happy not being Taman. Tough tough tough and time sensitive.

Gil Scott has been beaking a lot on twitter…
…well, we still are looking at a couple of NFL options
…there are 3 interested CFL parties
…if anyone is interested they better make an offer quick (said today as he sits in Hamilton…most likely attempting to get BT to up his offer). His twitter read " “It would behoove those who are interested step up quickly.?

BT clearly knows what Gil is trying to do, otherwise he would have pounced and the contract would be done. I am a little concerned that Hamilton has clear cap, and space, and Gil is there right now, but Chick wants back in Regina…but not at a home town discount.

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really good interview...BT laid it all out there

Like I said...I fear the Cats will have the Cap room that the Riders don't. The Riders made some big signings this season, the Cats did some purging. The Williams and Simon signings were both rather handcuffing. It has been discussed on here, and I know I for one feared it might end up restricting further moves.

There are a lot of LBs in camp this season...perhaps just let someone like Ferri go?

I cannot see Ferri making this team. He was a veteran type guy who filled a need at the time do to several reasons injuries, rookies, lack of quality DBs.
Different story this season as Chamblain said the guys return are no longer first year players and they have added guys that can cover and have some new young guys behind them