John Chick

My understanding from catching this out of the corner of my ear on the news today, is that John Chick has been released by Indy(?) John would fill a gaping hole given that rumour has Hawkins not returning to the field this season.

Emmaneul Arceneaux also has been cut , though I cant see us picking up another receiver onceAndy makes it official, and Koch comes back

Is chick done with his option? or does he have to come back to the riders?

He's done with the option.

Has he gave any verbal hints that he will return the riders if the CFL is his choice? i guess the UFL might be there as well. I cant recall if Chick in an import or non import

Chick has been offered a practice roster spot, no word on if he took it or not.

Arceneaux has also been offered a practice roster spot with his team, so he likely won't be returning.

There was great anticipation that Chick would be offered another practice roster spot this season. The fact that Miller openly stated that they had made room to go after signing Andy long term and signing Chick tells me 2 things:

  • The way early Bears training camp was going they did not expect Andy to make the roster, and because of the weird year from lockout they are not expecting any team to make a play on him (bad timing for Andy)
  • They have talked to Chick and Chick has said that he is at least willing to consider leaving the NFL if he is on a PR again. At this point he would probably make about double per year with the Riders, and the longer he sits on a PR the shorter his career is going to be.

Since by next Monday half of the CFL regular season will be gone, players that tried with NFL teams and were cut but offered practice roster position,will,most probably, opt for the NFL because they stand to make more $$$,since the regular season starts only on September 11,2011.

To sign with a CFL team,rather than an NFL team on practice roster, a player such as Chick would have to receive a $50,000 signing bonus by his new team; Baggs,with Hamilton and Foley with the Argos did receive these bonuses when they sign,late in the 2010 regular season.

Other ex CFL players cut today are: Philip Hunt,formerly of Winnipeg,Emmanuel Arceneaux,formerly of B.C. and Andrew Hawkins formerly of the Als.

Graham Harrell-QB-, formerly of the Riders was cut by Green Bay.


Chick wants to play football. The Riders will have to pay him quite a bit more than the practice roster salary to get him.

yes, but Ricard does make a good point. If he comes to the CFL lets say he makes 200K a year. Well, that is 100K this year, In the NFL on the PR it is 5500 x 16 = 88000 + plus potential playoff weeks, plus the off chance of an injury or 2 dressing you for some games. Logically he could stay on the PR for the year, make as much money (and potentially more if he manages to play), then start fresh in the CFL next season and make the full 200k.

not a stupid play, but at the same time, the longer he sits the more he risks his value depreciating.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he signs with Edmonton. Just sayin…don’t like it but…just sayin!

IF, and that is a big if, Chick is CFL bound, he has a few ties to Regina, including the fact that he has kept his Regina house. I would have to think that this would mean Regina would be a strong consideration for him if they offer something competitive. Also, the province embraced Chick and he was a fan favorite. Hard to turn your back on what he had going. Don't get me wrong, the Riders basically have to match offers, but I think he will give them that opportunity.

Would he rather play in Regina where he is well liked and potentially end up in the Rider Plaza of Honour and the spinoffs of business opportunities after football or just a nameless face in the crowd in another CFL city. Just ask Kerry Joseph if he regrets leaving for TO. Shorten his career. Upside is huge for Chick in Regina. I hope he shows up.

I dunno....I think these guys really just need to make the most money that they can, while they can. So i'm not convinced they really care where they play as long as they are playing. Also I think KJ would have suffered the same fate eventually even if he was still a Rider.

KJ was being utilized was the same when he was a Rider...when rolling/mobile he was tough to stop...the difference is the Riders let him loose more often, while TO was convinced to make him a pocket passer...sound familiar?

Even as a roll out QB he was still very notorious for throwing into the dirt...that sounds just as familiar.

On Sept 5th John Chick was signed to Jacksonville Jaguares practice squad and on Sept 7th John was placed on the active roster.
congrats John on your hard work to make in the NFL, while it's still early in the season I hope you stay on the active roster so that I can watch you play.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Gotta admit, it's good to see! :slight_smile:

I wish the Riders could find a few DL like him that would stay.

I think that the NFL will be signing a lot more linemen away from the CFL in the future if Chick does okay. there has been an increasing trend of DL going south. Even Stevie Baggs as an example…if you recall he signed with Hamilton and a day or 2 later was offered a gig in the NFL, but chose to do the right thing and never even asked to get let out of his contract.

Good for you, John. According to Coach Miller, we have a DE named Lemon(and I don't mean Cleo) starting in Winnipeg on Sunday. Apparently he has pretty good speed and strength. Him and Willis could be the kind of pairing we need here at long last to replace our great pairing of Chick and Baggs.