John Chick

and?.... like I said, eye of the beholder.. Lots of stuff goes on that we dont see. in the bottom of a pile..My kid who played football told me about the shots guys give each other. and thats in minor football. can only imagine... probably notice more if the player is dominate and you are watching him more.

Nope. EVERYONE fell asleep at least once during an Argo game this year. Even those jumpy street kids all tweaked out on meth fell into a light slumber by the third quarter of the Winnipeg game.

I imagine there are a few plays where John Chick could be called for a foul. And there are a few plays where every DL in the league could be called for a foul. So exactly what was the point of this again? Oh yeah. There was no point.....

Not deservedly, no.

How does someone who is a "dirty" player got the nomination for a CFL award..
Disingenuous argument. Murphy was, without a doubt, one of the dirtiest O-linemen in the league at the same time that he was one of the most skilled. Just because a player is dirty it does not mean he can't be highly skilled. Unfortunately a lot of fans can't seem to accept that the two can be present in the same place. People seem to think that good and skilled go together and bad and unskilled go together.

Football is a dirty game. It's also a game of intimidation. I remember back when I played high school ball how we would come out and give a few extra shots here and there. You know what you can get away with and what you can't. Intimidating your opponent gives you the advantage throughout the game because they will constantly be second guessing themselves. I'm not saying we intentionally went out to injure other players (Rob Murphy) but we played hard, and I imagine the same thing goes for players like Chick.

Absolutely he is one of the dirtiest if not the dirtiest. Great thread despite what others say.

I don't mind this thread, John Chick deserves to be talked about. He is the best defensive player in the league right now. Is he the dirtiest, no.

I'm not saying Rob was ever dirty, but even if he was, it wouldn't matter anymore. The way he played this year he doesn't even get a chance to pull anything because people just blow right by him before he can get a hand on them. :lol:

Well... they were playing the most boring team in the CFL.. so falling asleep is understandable... but let me put it this way Red.. would you like it if say, Sean Avery raised his hands after every shot he gets on goal? Its about the same as Nik Lewis is doing.. if he wants to celebrate at TD fine, go ahead, but his antics after every catch is unnecessary. He could learn from a true pro in every sense of the word-- Joffrey Renyolds.

Every hockey player raises his hands when he scores a goal... :expressionless:

Yes, but he wrote "shot on goal"...

....hey I dont see the need to celebrate every fartin thing that a player does that goes his way, but lots of players do (not just stampeders btw) and I who am I to tell them not to?....

Damn Hooked on Phonics screws me again!

I knew rider players were trained to be dirty at an early age!

Chick has his moments but nobody can top Murphy and Belli. Speaking for Bomber fans, Emry and Ferri are high on our list of dirty players too.

daym , i came too late on this one. stoopid job. I was going to start a thread about "dirtiest player on each team" but all i could come up with was john chick.

Good thing no Riders fans here ever post anything completely biased and stupid to the point of it being worthy of saging.

lol no it was biased...but the comments about lewis were NOT biased lol. oh dear, next your going to be upset about anderson arent you sambo?