John Chick

Is he the dirtiest player in the league?

I must admit i never thought much of him, but lately Ive watched him closely. He's way better
then i ever gave him credit for, but he's boarder line to getting a penalty on almost every play.

In pass rush he tends to grap the o linemans face mask and push it up.

Is this a legal play??

And we all know his tendency for late hits.

This is such a biased and stupid post that its not even worthy of a response... :roll:

I gotta take Eskylo's class on how to bait the opposition. He's doing a much better job than I did last week. :lol:

Patiently waits for this topic to read 5 pages

Its a legitimate question sambo. And if you dont know the answer, fine. :cowboy:

Can D lineman grab an offensive linemans facemask without penalty?

I guess you don't know much about football do you? Facemasking is a penalty, no matter WHO does it.. but again, you are basing your opinion on an extreme bias and cant see the forest through the trees. The holding that Olineman do on every play is illegal too, but is not called. If you want to look at someone who should get penalized more often, look no further than Nik Lewis.... :roll: :roll:

Well then.

REFS START CALLING CHICK FOR FACE MASKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew it...
As long as they start calling Nik Lewis for unsportmanslike conduct-- same goes for Crybaby Burris too... :roll:

...oh sambo, it's going to be a long week....

No John Chick is not the dirtiest player in the league. I still think that honour still falls on Rob Murphy's shoulders.

:lol: Don't discourage him. With my team being out of the playoffs, this is the only fun I have left.

You could be right.

What unsportsman on Lewis???

For yelling?

Chick is great.. he showed amazing potential back in his first season in 2007! he will for a while be a very dominant player for the Riders!

Its not just the yelling, its the posing as well. Its the most unprofessional thing I've seen in pro sports--peroid.

…more unprofessional than that time earlier in the season when Coach Miller fell asleep standing up during the third quarter of the rider-argo game?..I don’t think so personally, posing is much worse, but I’m interested in your opinion…

You may not like it, but i don't think its worthy of a flag.

You guys are getting Belli mad. No discussion of dirtiest, unsportsmanlike players is complete without mention of Adriano. :lol:

Not only is Belli a dirty player, but he’s also mean. He makes the Argos cheerleaders clean his house… I saw it Cribs.

And he pays them with Salami :slight_smile:

How does someone who is a “dirty” player got the nomination for a CFL award… Dirty is in the eye of the beholder I think. Is it solid play or dirty… guess if your team keeps getting shut down by a player, you will find fault.

Didn't Murphy win the O-Lineman award a couple times? :wink: