John Chick

I hope, if he is out for any length of time, we dont pay more than $65,000/year for his replacement. We already had one at that rate, with years of impressive versatility under his belt. Not mentioning any names but if you would have said " Hey Kit, Wanna run down that criminal, he would have been all over it. Thats the kind of citizen and player we gave away. But hey, who could have seen an injury comming and pre planned for it????? Injuries being as rare as they are in Riderville.

hmmmmm :expressionless: not really sure you have a point but thats okay you have a right to voice it

I didnt even see him get hurt, all i heard was Gord "NHL" Miller say Chick sprained his shoulder or something

I doubt Kitwana would be a starter on our defense this year, I will take Chick and Baggs over him in a heartbeat.

From Miller’s radio interview, it sounds like a shoulder separation. Miller never deemed it a serous seperation. Chick might miss a few games. We’d probably see Sykes in the rotation I’m thinking.

I don`t disagree with that. that is why I started the post with

And then added

for a little sarcasim.

I don't have anything against Kitwana but we have to get a real d-lineman into the rotation. My choice would be Joe Sykes but I can't see that happening unless someone goes onto the nine game. I hope it won't be Chick!

I will agree with you if Chick is only out for a few games, personally I see Kitwana fitting in better as a linebacker as he's a bit undersized for a defense end.

Well depending on the severity of the injury it may be the nine game but he was standing on the sidelines at the end of the game so I am hoping that is a good sign. But at the least he will be gone two games.

DL John Chick has sprained acromioclavicular joint in his shoulder

Chick getting hurt again sucks. What is it with the Riders and injuries? Makowsky, Smith, Johnson, Hughes, Morris, Armour and Chick. Some others I can’t think of. Injuries all over the team 2 years in a row.